Tati Got A Free Gas Cap!

This morning's hack was a submission from Tati after stopping by the Costco gas station yesterday and noticing that her gas cap was gone! Yes, you need to be driving an old car to have this problem. Newer cars have become "failproof", because many manufacturers now have such systems where you have no gas cap to deal with. You simply open up the fuel door and insert the pump nozzle.

Tati drives a beater and asked the attendant if anyone turned in a gas cap and to her surprise, a few people did! She was able to get a gas cap free, and carry on. She rarely pumps her gas anywhere else. *Not an AD

It is safe to point out that while all cars and SUV's have a universal gas tank cap size that does not mean that the car's sensors will work with every gas cap. The cap has to seal tight and cars from different makers have different size specs.

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Photo: Europa Press

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