Join Tati And Street Sleep SD For Homeless Youth!

You may or may not know that Tati and friends (Better To Give SD) serve in the Downtown San Diego area helping homeless folks since 2016 with friends and volunteers called #BetterToGiveSD. This endeavor began when her young children saw hungry homeless people and wanted to give them their game snacks from their tee ball game. It was then that Tati realized that you don't need to feed them ALL, but just one act of kindness can lead to many acts of kindness.

This is where Street Sleep SD comes into this new chapter of giving!

Tati is proud to be taking action to end youth homelessness as a part of Street Sleep SD! During this 1-night event Tati will sleep on the street with just a sleeping bag and a cardboard box, along with other passionate individuals, to raise funds to end youth homelessness.

Every night in San Diego there are 1,500+ youth sleeping on the streets, and that number is likely higher. But the positive thing is: we can do something about it.

Star 94.1 and Better To Give SD is supporting this cause as a part of San Diego Youth Services, which provides housing, food, clothing, life skills and other essential services to homeless and other vulnerable youth. The last homeless distribution effort through Better To Give SD was in January 2020 so this is well over due and we are happy to be back out to now put the efforts of Star 94.1 & BTGSD to helping the "invisible youth". Please make a donation to Tati's team page and help the team meet our goal to provide these youth a bed, a meal and a sense of safety. We could save a child's life today.

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