Steve From Blues Clues Gives Us Closure But It Isn't The First Time

Jesse couldn't understand the big deal about Steve Burns, the original host of Blue Clues and why his closure was a big deal to fans of the show...well duh, its been 25 years since the show began and a well, he left us.

Funny thing is, Steve Burns gave us an update on his life 4 years ago, and no one cared then. So why does everyone care so much now? Well, we are guessing because of the fragile state this pandemic has put us in.

Jesse admitted that he didn't watch the show in its infancy and didn't understand the craze, but was highly amused my Real Housewives. We talked about it this morning. If you missed it, TRY THIS.

34th Annual BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Awards - Red Carpet

Photo: Getty Images

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