Jesse Went VIRAL, Again!

Jesse received a message from @todayyearsold on Instagram asking permission to repost one of his old viral videos, and you guessed it, it went viral again.

Jesse has had many viral moments in his career, but to see it come back around is truly fulfiling since he explained that as casual as the videos seem, he definitely planned out the details in it. He practiced that dance, purposely moved the plant, had his favorite cars parked in the background (Thank you Chevy!), and told his wife whatever she did, do NOT hang up the call. It worked!

Jesse isn't new to this and can definitely teach a class about going viral. Below is the full viral video of Jesse serenading his wife from his ring doorbell, and here is his Youtube channel. Enjoy, and tag him if you post any of his parody's, lip sync's, videos, etc!

102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball – Show

Photo: Getty Images

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