This U.S. State Loves Circus Peanuts Candy And That's Scary!

Did you know there is a map to find out what your state is into for just about EVERYTHING including the favorite Halloween candy? And yes, there are places that love candy corn and circus peanuts but it isn't California.

I grew up in Hawaii (Tati) and I absolutely loved Crunch! Still do. I have been California living since 2006 and I cannot agree with Jolly Ranchers, but I know my husband loves that candy. I also spent some time in Washington D.C. and sour patch kids are their favorite and again, that is more my husbands thing. He enjoys candy while I am more of a chocolate person.

It does look like I vibe with New York or Ohio for their clear love of peanut butter candies. However, I will hold my thoughts about folks in Oklahoma because I most definitely do not partake in the circus peanuts.

Here is the complete list of favorite Halloween candies by state.

Halloween Celebrated In New York City Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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