Indiana Wants To Give You 'On Demand' Grandparents?

Many Californians are looking to other states to live in and one state, Indiana has a sweet deal that includes "On Demand Grandparents" along with so many other incentives to leave the golden state. What is exactly is an "On Demand Grandparent"? And will we need a subscription?

Our friend Tami at the Decatur County Community Foundation and her husband (who also drives the school bus) happily offer babysitting hours and will stand in on Grandparents Day at school. Anyone moving with kids knows that there's no price tag to put on this one.

A town called Greensburg, Indiana which is located south east of Indianapolis and north west of Cincinnati is offering a moving budget, a stipend, a one-year YMCA membership, even babysitting via "grandparents". The elder population is vast and they are happy to play with your kiddos.

Here is the FULL SELL.

Even famous tattoo artist and entrepreneur, Kat Von D, is saying goodbye to California!


Photo: Getty Images

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