He Finally Took Home His High School Letterman Jacket 28 Years Later

This feel good Friday story we shared on Wednesday needs to live here on our blog! Have you ever wondered how things, possessions, find their way back to their intended owner? This story will make you cry, we think.

Yesterday's show below (Listen from the :45 min mark on for the story)

As part of CNN's The Good Stuff, Jed Mottley shared his story about finally receiving his letterman jacket 28 years later, after playing football for Chaparral High School. His mother couldn't afford the $300 jacket all those years back and so, he never picked it up. Fast forward 28 years later, his older brother is at a thrift shop 180 miles away from that town they were from and went to High School, and there was the jacket at a bargain price of $25! It looked like it was never worn.


Letterman 2011

Photo: Getty Images

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