Breaking and Entering Was A Heart Warming Success!

We never doubted Little Tommy and his ability to put something epic together for the almost 50 teens who didn't think they'd have a Christmas this year and like usual YOU, our listening family helped to deliver! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing up with the holiday spirit in mind and putting a smile on these kids' faces.

Dear Star 94-1 and Jesse and Tati (Shelly and Little Tommy),

I'm writing to tell you about a group of kids who live together in a residency here in San Diego. They are the kids that have been forgotten. Their ages are 12 to 17 and they are placed here NOT because of anything they have done. It's because their family life wasn't the best.

They have been traumatized and let down their entire life.

They are older kids who never get a chance at being with a family. They get passed over.

They don't have hope. They feel nobody loves them or cares about them. They have nothing and they have no one.

We are hoping you can change that.

We are hoping you can choose this group of about 40 children and give them HOPE. Give them a smile on their face and a belief that someone does care.

I believe in them all.

They aren't expecting a thing for Christmas. These children just have the clothes on their back.

Please choose these children.

Even if it's just a pancake breakfast or Christmas cookies!

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