Parents Are Willing To Jump Through...

This was partly the inspiration to Tati's Two Cents (53:30 in Podcast below) today and most of us are guilty of this. A new survey shows that parents are willing to jump through a whole lot of hoops to bring their kids holiday magic with the perfect gift.

Coupon Follow Survey

This includes pre-planning months ahead of time with 50 percent of parents revealing they’d pre-order months in advance if they needed to.

An additional31 percent of parents said they would shop at midnight for a new product drop. Twenty-four percent would be willing to spend more than the retail cost on a gift, while 16 percent of parents said they “would go into debt to get their kid the best gift.” Another 11 percent admitted they would be willing to stand in line for four hours or more to get their kid the gift of their dreams.

“Amazingly,7 percent of respondents said they’d resort to bribery, while 5 percent openly admitted being willing to physically fight another shopper,”CouponFollow shared.

Cash Money Christmas Present of U.S. Currency on White Background

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