SNL Nails It With Tik Tok Skit

Many are raving about SNL guest host and performer, Billie Eilish, and how they loved her in skits and her new music she performed, but we were stuck on the accuracy of this SNL Skit about "Tik Tok Trash". The 19 year old singer is in the skit as a nurse and definitely landed the dance moves in a work setting post vibe, but the skit as a whole had us laughing too loud!

Billie joked about wanting to be an actor in her monologue, but we are convinced she still can be and might later down the road of her successful musical career.

Kate McKinnon returned to SNL and many noticed she was in every sketch with Eilish, which duh, was hilarious! Like this Nextdoor app ad that makes you second guess inviting the old lady next door for sure. Be kind, just drop off a dish.

Variety Hitmakers Presented by Peacock | Girls5eva - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images

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