Jesse's Favorite Kanye and Kim K Clip Is Too Funny

We know it isn't throwback Thursday but somehow Tati missed this hilarious clip of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian when they were together and Kanye teased her.

Jesse shared this video with Tati of Kanye and the laughs were BIG LOUD in studio!

It seems like he is teasing that she is "lacking" something of a non-factor. Of course, Tati dug further into how the reaction to this teasing was, and it made Tati wish they were still Kimye.

The full video below shows the reactions of the teasing...

They both seem to have a great sense of humor and the explanation for the lack of jacuzzi and how they actually designed it to be without shed light on why Kanye said it the way he did. It really was just for laughs because what they did was genius.

Like Kanye says Kanye is.


Photo: Getty Images

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