Goodwill Worker Spills Secret To Finding Valuable Items

If you love thrift shopping like I do then this new revelation from a former Goodwill employee is for you!

First, did you know that the person who asks if you need a receipt when you drop off donations at a Goodwill drive thru is called a "drive thru ambassador"? Me too!

Well, this former Goodwill employee has the funniest name on Tik Tok, @scroochmagooch. He claims that if you are looking for anything truly valuable, it will not be on the floor of a Goodwill store because when he worked there, those items were immediately taken to be sold in their e-commerce store,

Yes, I immediately went to see what they had. I hoped this desk was real, but it may be a replica. Make sure you read item info guys. Here is an actual desk.

Have fun shopping.

Goodwill sign on a retail store on a sunny day

Photo: Getty Images

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