This Queen's Homage Isn't Hitting Right With Everyone

We here on the Jesse and Tati show also have a love hate with Twitter. For entertainment purposes, we love it. For the sheer fact any opinion on what is supposed to be a sweet gesture can be obliterated, well...

The Queen Elizabeth II is gearing up for the Platinum Jubilee and celebration of her 70 year reign and so the official account of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, managed by English Heritage decided to post a picture of what the 5,000 year old archaeological attraction looks like for the celebration and Twitter users went for it.

The temporary installation, meant to be a "spellbinding homage" to the Queen, has divided opinion on social media. Some called the tribute "beautiful," while others poked fun. "They made Stonehenge look like a collection of commemorative pound shop lighters," one user wrote, while another called it "completely unhenged." There were also posts questioning why the site was being used in such a way, when some consider it sacred and holding religious significance.

Thankfully we know you can't make everyone happy. We think the Queen Elizabeth II enjoys the henge out of this! Jesse Lozano is part British, wonder what he thinks?


Photo: Getty Images

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