California Home Hit 23 Times By Speeding Vehicles

Car crash

Photo: Getty Images

A total of 23 cars exiting the 680 freeway in San Jose have crashed into Ray Minter's home within the last 50 years. According to KTVU, as a result of the series of misfortune that gives the home its risky reputation, the city of San Jose proposed a grant that will increase funding to make area roads safer. Minter moved into the home in 1960, more than a decade before the freeway existed. For 12 years, he had no issues and then all of a sudden in 1972, a speeding vehicle that was exiting the newly built freeway slammed into his house. After the incident occurred numerous times, Minter's insurance company put up large steel poles throughout his yard in an attempt to prevent additional property damage.

KTVU mentioned that the insurance company spent $30,000 on the poles, and the last car to hit the home destroyed them entirely.

"Since the freeway has been there, I’ve had four of the cars come through my house completely. All the other ones, have torn up my fence, and I’ve lost three cars in the yard," Minter explained to KTVU.

The homeowner shared that none of his family members have been seriously injured as a result of the crashes. When his niece was young, a speeding car flew off of the freeway and onto Minter's property where the girl was standing. She was taken to the hospital for two weeks, but was able to fully recover from the incident.

While the grant awaits approval from the city, officials encourage drivers exiting the freeway to slow down.

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