Thousands Of Marines, Sailors Participate In 'Steel Knight'

CAMP PENDLETON - Thousands of Marines and Navy Sailors are taking part in a major training exercise near San Diego.

Joint Exercise Steel Knight is an opportunity for Marines and Sailors to prepare for a full scale battle, especially as tensions build between the U.S. and some Asian countries. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Ben Watson told NBC 7 China is of particular concern.

"We’ve clearly over the last couple of years become more and more focused on the Pacific as a likely area of potential future maritime combat,” said Watson.

The joint exercise, held annually since 1991, is about making sure the men and women of the two branches are ready to engage in combat operations. Participation in this exercise certifies units for deployment. Most of theses Marines and Sailors will be going on a tour of duty of the Western Pacific next year.


Photo: Getty Images

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