5K Any Way To Kick Off Mental Health Awareness Month

Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County (BBBS of SDC) invites Bigs, Littles, supporters and the community to join the kick off of Mental Health Awareness Month with the 2nd Annual 5K Any Way, highlighting the positive influence of mentorship on youth. On May 1st, join the fun wherever you are, or meet at Mission Bay Club at 10AM.

Please join in raising awareness about the important role that mental health plays in the development of San Diego youth and children by registering for the 2nd Annual 5K Any or by becoming a sponsor at www.sdbigs.org/bebig.

As the country recovers from the health and economic impacts of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to recognize the role that mental health plays in the development of our youth. With 46% of the youth served by Big Brothers Big Sisters being less likely to begin using illegal drugs and 52% less likely to skip school, the organization aims to highlight the importance of mentorship and its direct impact on mental health and wellness.

This year, BBBS of SDC will host its 2nd Annual 5K Any Way, encouraging Bigs, Littles, supporters and friends to spend time outside connecting with our community and our surrounding natural environments.

On that day, a podcast featuring BBBS of SDC CEO, Tina Rose and Big Brother, Erik Roginski will be released, discussing the importance of mental health on Bigs and Littles.

"It has been a mutually life-changing experience for my Little Brother and I that has brought me true peace and purpose in my life. I see so much of myself in him and learning how to care for him on a deeper level has indirectly taught me how to do the same for myself, which I wholeheartedly believe is essential for one’s mental health. I will always be grateful for the family that Big Brothers Big Sisters has created and for the new family it has given me." - Erik Roginski, Big Brother

For 61 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County has provided children and youth facing adversity with the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from screened volunteers to help guide their personal and professional growth. This direct relationship building model seeks to help ignite the unlimited potential in our county’s youth. With mental health being an important aspect of youth development, BBBS of SDC hopes to help raise awareness about the value that we bring to our community by facilitating one-to-one mentorship opportunities.

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