A Star Is Born...Actually WAS Born 15 Years Ago

You know when a male bird gets all puffed up and tall when he's looking for a mate? That's how I felt watching Evan perform this weekend in her school musical. She is so good. Yes, I'm biased BUT I wasn't the only one who thought so. One stranger came up to her an said she needs her own show, like a Disney show. Evan is focused on Broadway, for now anyway. She has been cast as the comic relief in three of the musicals at the school so far, so who knows.

She plays Calliope, one of the evil sisters in the musical Xanadu. Antonio went with me opening night!

Me and Antonio

Evan's Dad and Step-mom, sister and brother came, too. Is it weird that it isn't weird anymore to see Dave with another woman while I'm with another man? I mean, it's been 12 friggin years. It shouldn't be awkward anymore and it isn't!! Here she is with her dad and mom (me.)

Dave, Evan and I

I worked the box office all three performances so I have seen it three times already. I plan on seeing it two more times! Am I becoming a crazed stage-mom? Nah. Not yet anyway, Here's Evan's head-shot and her little bio show wrote along with some other pics from the show.

Ev head-shot
Ev bio
Ev performing

We weren't allowed to take pictures or video of the show so I got these pics off the board in the lobby.

On Saturday night, Linda, Erik and Adrian came to the show. It meant more to me than they even realize. I mean, they've come to all three of Evan's shows. True friends support each other and these three people are the best at it. I love them so much. So does Evan. Look at all the flowers they brought her!!!!

erik, linda and adrian
Evan flowers

Erik may or may not have fallen asleep during the first half of her show. That is still up for debate. He falls asleep at the movies all the time so it doesn't surprise me. He swears he was awake the whole way through. We argue about this in Tuesdays Laura Cain After Dark Podcast.

Sunday afternoon, my Momma, sis and niece came down from Rancho Cucamonga to see her afternoon show...which I thought she nailed!!!

family 1

So, we have three more performances to go! Message me if you'd like to go back in time to the 80's for a few hours. It's a fun show.

Halloween also happened last week. I feel like I celebrated already when I went to that party in TJ. I did dress up for work, though Here's Tori and her boy Jack and Melissa with her little boo, Jaelyn. Then there is me. Apparently not J-Lo from Hustlers but Peg Bundy or one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Whatever, I tried.

traffic Halloween

After work Ev and I met Antonio and his son and girlfriend at Buffalo Wild Wings (used to be Seau's.) I ripped that wig off as soon as work was over. Antonio was still in the halloween spirit...full-on.

halloween at BWW

Then we made Evan take this picture and she just about puked. haha

Evan grossed out.

hahahahaha. That is pretty cheesy.

Have a great week. See you next week, Diary.

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