Adventures in TJ and Beyond

I don't have health insurance and that creates problems especially because I have to take a few meds to keep me sane...anti-depressants to be completely honest. Anyway, in the US, one of the meds I take is called Ability. It's $1000 dollars for 30 pills! WTH? The generic is $450! WTH? So, what is a girl with a propensity for depression supposed to do in a case like this? Go to Mexico!

Now, I've been to TJ for these meds a few times with a few different people. The latest person I went with is the guy I met at Tio Leos. He lives down there, occasionally. We will get to that later. I picked him up in Chula Vista and we drove to the border and parked behind the Jack in the Box and waited for his dad to pick us up. His dad was the cutest little guy! He was a hustler and funny, too. Anyway, you have to get a prescription from a doctor down there before getting any kind of medication. I didn't know this but a lot of the pharmacies have a little doctor's office attached to them. Convenient!

I needed Tio Leos guy to help me translate my needs to the doctor who whipped out his prescription pad and wrote me a few scrips for the meds I need. It cost me 15 bucks for the consultation and stuff. Awesome. Finding the meds I needed...not so awesome. Abilify is a bitch to locate...gosh I wish I didn't have to take it. Anyway, the cute little dad wanted to get me the best price so he drove us all over TJ looking for the meds and try to wheel and deal with the people at the pharmacies. He was so adorable. I love him.

After the whole med situation, we went to the casino so we could use the restroom and the dad could play the slot machines. We ended up losing dad. He disappeared into the depths of Caliente. We took a taxi, had some lunch and then walked back across the border. Problem was I forgot my friggin passport! OMG I freaked out. Luckily, when I walked up to the desk, the border patrol agent was nice and he just gave me a verbal warning to have my passport next time. He asked if I had anything to declare so I showed him my loot. He let me pass. Phew.

Here's the only pic I took in TJ with Tio Leo's guy.

Tio Leo's guy in TJ

So, me and this guy spent some time together this weekend. He's super fun and very nice. His parents are still alive and still together. He has older kids. He's an electrician. Just not real sure of his living situation...which is ok because I don't plan on dating him exclusively. He doesn't seem the type anyway. My friend Deb gave me a bunch of gift cards she wasn't using so we went to dinner at Nicky Rottens in Coronado.

Nicky Rottens date

He's handsome, huh?

This weekend was my friend Tracy's 50th Birthday Hoedown. It was in Jamul at our friend Lisa's house. She has three llamas. I didn't know this, but apparently llamas are a lot like cats. They clean themselves, they poop in one designated spot and they could care less about you...sometimes. Sometimes they are all about you. See, like cats. I loved them. So cute.

Feeding Llama
Cute Llama

Tracy is one of the most effervescent people I know. She is in my special club. She has 15 years! She is very open about it. She's an inspiration and a great mom and smart as a whip. She's friggin hilarious, too. She's the ultimate catch, in my opinion. She said she is going to make 50 the sexiest, most exciting time of her entire life! I love her.

Tracy and Me at the Hoedown

I also had the opportunity to shoot a BB gun at a target attached to a haystack. This was truly a hoedown and it was a blast.

BB Shooting

See you later, Diary. Oh, I'm sad about Ric Ocasek dying!!! This was a cool video back in the day!

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