Do Ya'll Mind if I Vent for a Minute or 20?

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I'm annoyed, sad and mad. It has to do with the 43-year-old. I know, I know stop dealing with this dude. But, I caught some feelings and those don't just go away with the snap of a finger!

He was the one who was ghosting me. I broke the silence on Friday night out of necessity. Evan's friend's mom called me while I was in the movies with Erik and Adrian. She was frantic "Something is wrong with Evan. Something is wrong with Evan?" I obviously left the movie to talk to her. She said Evan passed out in the shower and her daughter said Evan was acting weird at the football game. Immediately I called Ev.

Ev:"Hi Momma, what's up?"

Me: "What is going on? Are you ok? I'm coming to get you!"

Ev: "No, the game is just ending and we are going out to eat after. Please let me stay. I'm fine. I'm eating Pringles"

Me: "Are you dizzy, do you feel nauseous?

Ev Mom, I'm fine!"

So, like I said, out of necessity I called the 43-year-old. He knows about these kind of things. He told me that she's fine. Not to worry. She's a 15 year old girl. She probably just hadn't eaten enough. Ok. Evan was perfectly fine all weekend. Thank God.

Turns out, the 43-year-old had a date last week and didn't want to tell me just yet. Since we are seeing each other on a casual basis, I told him that I was happy he had a good date and such and such (even though I wasn't jumping up and down with joy.) He also told me that he can't picture living with me and stuff. Huh? I don't picture myself living with him either. Sounds like he is trying to settle down. Can't blame him. Everyone deserves happiness. But, still, I'm bummed. We had a lot of fun together...a whole lot of friggin fun. Now I just keep asking myself "What is wrong with me?"

Then I glanced at a picture I took of myself last night. I thought I had it going on. But, look in the background! My room is a disaster. I am a walking disaster wrapped up in a presentable package.

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I just feel down and out today. I just want "my person" to come into my life right now. I am done hearing the words "Just be patient." I've been patient for way too long. Something has got to give here pretty soon. Okay, enough whining. My kids are healthy, my mom is healthy and so is my sis and brother and that's all that matters, right?

Ok, back to the movie. We saw "Ready or Not." Seeing as I only saw half of it, this may not be a fair review. I thought it was a little campy and very gory! Here is our review in a picture.

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Erik thought it was good, Adrian hated it and I was like "meh."

On Saturday night, I went out with my new friend Melissa. Her place is insanely cool. Look at this view.

Pretty view
downtown view
Me and Melissa

She is so pretty and so very kind. I'll tell you more about her in another post. She is full of positive thoughts and light and all those good things.

Last night I went out with my surrogate mom and dad (even thought they are too young to be my actual parents.) Steve, Donna and I went to the new Farmers Table in Little Italy. Good food, cool ambiance and the piazza is so glorious. What a great part of town. (I was slightly scared that I'd see my ex, but, I didn't).)

I love these two so much. It was a great end to a not-so-amazing weekend.

Steve, Donna and Me

I leave you with another cool song and video that I love.

See you soon, Diary.

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I Think I'm Being Ghosted...And a Movie Review

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