Did You Hear What This Doctor Said? "There Is A Cure For Covid"

Every week I share my "Tati's Two Cents" about what I hear and see happening in the world. Just before delivering my "Two Cents" today I stumbled upon a video of "doctor" who claims to have found the cure for Covid-19.

Of course, I felt the emotions of the woman in the video and she seemed fearful, but confident about the information she was sharing. Still, I had to take a step back and look into the details for which I knew nothing of by watching this video alone. She says she is in Washington D.C. and she is wearing a lab coat and it appears she has other "doctors", "scientists", and professionals of some sort around her.

Here is the video and some links to to the information I was able to find regarding the doctor's claims.

After digging around to find the name of this doctor along with more information and background on this video, I found a number of stories and opinions on its validity. I even found that Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube removed the video according to CNBC.

The Washington Post also detailed the source of the "misinformation" that was posted and described in this video.

Here is a tweet from @BrandyZadrozny, reporter at NBCNews:

I found it worth mentioning that the guy who posted the video to his Instagram feed is promoting a book and has his own very strong "Two Cents" on what he believes...including his opinion that "Snoop Dogg Is A Racist". YIKES!

I will continue to dig and keep an open mind, but I think I see two sides being presented by two groups and like every story, there is TWO.

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