Heading Into 2020 Like....

Dear Diary,

I kind of hate it when people say what I just wrote in my title "heading into blah, blah, blah like" but this picture screamed for it. I love this photo. It says so much. It says that I am going to break-thru this year. I sure hope so. 2019 was tough on many fronts. But, I will not focus on all that. Put out into the universe what you want and you'll be surprised what comes your way. That's what someone told me, anyway.

This Diary is going to be comprised of mainly pictures because, to be honest, I am super lazy this Monday morning...and I've been at work since 5 am. I have to work a split shift today, which is tough. I don't know how Cal did it and I don't know how Tori does it or Melissa, either. Much respect for them.

Anyway, I was up til midnight with Erik and Linda recording our podcast (which I connected to the end of this Diary.) You MUST LISTEN to Tuesday's (NYE) podcast. I get the surprise of the year. I scream with excitement. YOU will love hearing this. Granted, I had to mark it "explicit" because our guest busted out an "s" word and then for fun said the "f" word. But, this is a must listen. I'm not kidding you.

On Friday, Antonio and I went to Sycuan Casino Resort to see my cousin Andy's band "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy." And, yes, I do feel super cool saying that. haha. Oh, not only did we see the awesome concert, we stayed the night at the new hotel and I won 300 bucks on a penny slot. My mom told me that it was the luckiest day of the year...December 27th, Google it! Here are some pics!


My cousin Andy is in the middle!

catching up
andy and javier

Because I'm so tired and lazy, I'm not going to write about what what Antonio gave me for Christmas BUT I do talk about it during tomorrow's (Tuesday December 31st) Laura Cain After Dark Podcast, which you can find on IHeartRadio.com or on the app. Shameless plug.

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve night. Erik, Adrian, Evan and I helped Linda with her passion project called Operation Group Home. We delivered Christmas to 12 girls who live in a group home. They have no parents or parents who are incarcerated. We snuck in at 1am and then at the other home we snuck in at 3am. Tiring, but so worth it!

my baby
operation group home
operation group group

On Sunday, Antonio and I went to Rosarito so I could buy some fun stuff with my Sycuan winnings. I bought a cool pot...not pot, pot...a ceramic pot! I also bought this thing for my mom. She wants it for her patio. Don't judge. haha


I just want to say thank you for reading my Diary this whole year. Thank you for listening to Laura Cain After Dark. Thank you for being such good friends, even though I don't know all of you personally. I appreciate you and I love you all. Have the best New Year's Eve and an excellent 2020.

See you next year, Diary!

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