Homeless Man Asked a Businessman for Change, Got a Job Offer Instead

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Ryan Davidson, 25, has been homeless for over two years

It all started when Ryan asked a random businessman, James Minns from Durham, for some spare change. The man stopped and asked Ryan to tell him about his life instead. Little did he know, this conversation would become a job interview. 

James owns a paint-coating company and was just done celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife and friends. 

James simply asked, "If you were offered a job, would you take it?". Ryan replied, "100%."

After exchanging information and where to report for his first day of work, they shook hands and went their ways. 

James shared his experience and new friendship with Ryan on Facebook and it quickly went viral. Shortly after posting, he started getting thousands of friend requests. 

The community started getting into it. A local milkman, Ian Cutts, offered to give Ryan a ride to his first day of work. One Facebook comment read: "Our county needs more companies like you to believe in these people."

Unfortunately, on Monday, James had to notify his friends on Facebook that Ryan did not show up for work that day. Calls to Ryan went unanswered. He was bummed out.  

"Morning everyone, unfortunately Ryan didn't show up. Ian Erniethemilkman Cutts was there at 6.30am to pick him up. Waited 30 mins and he didn't show. I've rang him several times and got no answer too. Totally gutted tbh."

It turns out, Ryan had an emergency housing appointment and was unable to let James know. His phone had run out of minutes. However, he managed to show up for work the following day. Everyone at the company welcomed him with open arms. 

With the enthusiasm of the local community still high, locals began contributing to a fundraising page set up for Ryan in order to help him find permanent housing. 

Sometimes, it's the little things that can make all of the difference for someone in this world. 

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images