Hot Men In Underwear

Men in underwear is hot.  Whether in boxers or briefs, a guy sporting just his “unmentionables” is going to get our attention.  We’ve assembled some of the most sexy "Men In Underwear" images available.

What guys really wear.  The debate over “Boxers or Briefs” was put to the test in 2016 when HuffPost collaborated with AskMen, who polled 650 men on the subject.  Only 3% of the men polled said they didn’t wear underwear.  In terms of what men actually buy? 58% boxer briefs, 18% boxer shorts, 16% colorful briefs, 6% tighty whiteys, and 2% thongs.

The same articles asked guys “What type of underwear makes you feel more like a man?”  The majority of guys said boxers 43%, followed by briefs at 40% and going commando at 13%.

What women think.  Here’s a quick synopsis of the AskMen article: STYLE: a combination of boxers and boxer briefs – no briefs allowed.  COLOR: avoid white at all costs.  Blue and grey are sexier than black and stripes and plaid are great for boxers.  No animal prints, thank you.  CONDITION:  throw them out if the waistband is stretched out, the fabric is worn out or torn.

Just for fun.  Men have been covering their privates since the beginning of time and since then the list of names for this particular article of clothing has included: loincloth, braies, chausses, Fundoshi, knickers, drawers, underpants, Y fronts, trolleys, scants, skivvies, trunks, manties, jockstrap, willy warmers, manhole covers, BVDs, tighty whiteys, boxers, and briefs.  There’s a whole list of colorful nicknames like “Banana Hammock” and “Snake Suppressor” but we’ll leave those to your imagination.

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Photos: BigStock and Getty Images.

Jamie Dornan, during his Calvin Klein underwear photo shoot.

David Gandy. Now here's a guy who knows how to rock underwear.  Enjoy!

David Beckham in an H&M underwear ad.

Hot guy in underwear
Sexy man in boxers
Sexy guy in briefs lying on bed
Muscular hot guy in underwear
Sexy man at the beach in briefs
Hot guy in boxers on bed
Tattoo guy in sexy boxers
Super model in sexy briefs
T-shirt off hot guy in underwear
Hot African American male in briefs
Sexy guy sitting in boxer briefs
Hot South American guy on sand in boxers
Sexy chiseled abs on hot man in underwear

A brief moment with Taylor Lautner in Twilight.

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