Monday, November 5 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 21!

7:10am – Michelle Marshall and Kevin Williamson jump back on to help out for the end of the season. This was a tough loss for the ladies, as the guys take the win scoring 3 points to none over the ladies! But what can you expect from Jesse’s designated Ringer? Ladies still up but the guy closing in 18-16

8:10am – The shutout streak continues for Jesse with the help of Melvin Bell. They score 2 points to 0 over Delana and Kim Weldy. This takes the guys within striking range for the season. 18-17 Women lead.

Good News! 

A young boy named Tayir Thomas dressed up like James Shaw, the man who stopped the Waffle House Shooting! Tayir was happy to highlight James as his hero because sometimes a hero can just be an ordinary guy.

Orange County, CA really knows what the word "community" means.  They have rallied around donut shop owner John Chan, whose wife suffered an aneurysm and is bedridden at home. The community got word about the situation and they do their best to buy John out of his donuts early every day so he can go home and spend time with his wife.

Philadelphia had quite a Super Bowl celebration this year! Not just the team, but the entire city too. Apparently the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl win 9 months ago gave the city something to celebrate and now they are experiencing the highest birthrate in 15 years! Go birds!


Delana walked us through some current events going on in her home state. A corrections officer and his wife are in hot water for being caught smuggling food into a Florida Jail. They were charged with 7 counts of illegal compensation for smuggling in McDonald's 1/4 Pounders and Lemon Pepper Chicken wings.

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