Wednesday, October 3 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Update:

The guys now have a staggering 8-2 lead in what turned out to be a shocking upset!  10-year old Josh won in an absolute upset this morning against Shelley Rule, who was off to take her medical surgery exam. The crew had their doubts, but he pulled it out to win the round 2 points to 1!  Listen to the segment below.

Lonely Parents Club Wednesday:

6:50am - One of our Faves Jocelyn South calls in with a story we are responsible for! We played some N'SYNC and while she was listening at Sage Creek High one of her students pointed out just how old she is! Ben witnessed a true LPC moment and knew he had to share with us!

7:50am - Jesse shares his LPC story with Savanah and her ASB group. Adrianna hears, "You're not a doctor, you're just a girl that works at Albertson's". Sometimes convincing your daughter to let you pop a pimple or a bug bite can be rough.... So much so to the point that they bash your work career. On the upside, Adrianna won the Lonely Parents T-Shirt!!!

8:20am - Julia Hayes' son wonders why he bought her a present... She was gifted a "World's Best Mom" pencil holder, but a homework disagreement had him wondering why he even bought it for her

Be sure to check out our Lonely Parents Club podcast to hear the CRAZY things that kiddos have said to our Star parents!  Today's episode is available below. 

Good News!

The 6:50 hour was all about Disney! Anyone who listens knows we love Disneyland enough as is, but this stepped it up another level for us. Disney Days hosted a weekend for all of the foster kids out there who were separated from their siblings while going into the system. This really touched home for Delana, as she has fostered children before! Read more about Disney Day for Foster Kids.

In the 7:50 hour we find out that goats are able to identify facial expressions and prefer to hang out with people who are happy and smiling. Producer Shelly was not so hot on this topic!  Read more.

At 8:50 we promoted the Gerber Photo Search contest. Gerber is looking for their next little celebrity to be the Gerber baby!

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