OMG Someone Rented Me!!!!

I am both excited and freaked out about being rented out as a friend. I kind of thought it wouldn't happen, like it was kind of a joke, but someone has rented me for Saturday night!

I checked my RentAFriend account and there was a red "1"`next to the messages section. My heart started racing. OMG this is really happening. So the message read "Hi my name is (blank) I absolutely love karaoke. It’s very relaxing especially after a long hard week at work. Maybe we can go one day!!!"

Ahhhh! I answered back, "I LOVE karaoke. That sounds like fun." After a few back and forth messages we made a Friend Date for Saturday night. I asked the girls in the traffic center how exactly do we do the money exchange. Well, in the RentAFriend bylaws, or whatever, it says that you establish the amount of time beforehand and you are to exchange CASH before the hour starts. This is SO WEIRD! It's like a drug deal.

I will most definitely tell you what happens on Monday. I may even include pictures, if my friend wants me to. Who knows, maybe he'll become part of my friend group OR maybe I'll be calling the police. Those are two options. Holy smokes. What am I doing?

I know what I'm doing...I'm trying to make some extra bucks. Since we (Jeff and the Showgram) were laid off in June of 2017, I haven't been in the best financial shape. I work as much as I can but it's not quite cutting the mustard (what a weird saying.)

I'm thinking about renting out Charlie's room, but then I have Evan whose room is right next door. That makes me uncomfortable. Plus, it has become the dump of the house. All my clean clothes are in a giant pile in the middle of his room, my shorts and stuff are on his bed, my long dresses are in his closet. I have completely ruined it. AND guess what?? My boy come home on August 4th for the first time since early May. I cannot wait to see him. He'll probably have to sleep on the couch. haha.

Oh, did I tell you that Charlie shaved his head? That beautiful head of hair is now gone. Here's the before and after.

Charlie's Before Hair buzzing
Charlie After Hair Buzzing

That's Holly with Charlie in the After picture. She used to be Evan and Charlie's nanny. He knows how I feel about the hair cut. My mom even cried when she saw him!!! He said it was getting in his face when he went climbing. Ok, I accept that. I also know hair grows back, so I am not quite as devastated as my mom is. I can't even wait to see him.

And finally, Evan and I had a fun weekend. I posted on my Instagram that we got matching tattoos, which we did. They are fake of course, but, man oh man people were freaking out! hahahahaha.

Matching Tattoos

See you next week, Diary!!

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