Pregnant Woman Served Cleaning Fluid at McDonald's

Pregnant Woman Got Cleaning Fluid In Her McDonald's Latte

A 7-months pregnant woman ordered a latte at a Canadian McDonald's but got cleaning fluid in her cup instead

Sarah Douglas, who is over seven months pregnant, visited a McDonald's location in Lethbridge, Canada and ordered a latte from the drive-thru on Sunday (7/29/2018). She noticed something foul smelling when she lifted the lid of her drink. Definitely NOT a latte. Upon further inspection, she realized that there was cleaning fluid in her latte. 

Turns out, the coffee machine was connected to the cleaning-fluid line when Douglas' drink was made. 

Douglas later drove back to the restaurant to complain to the staff about her latte. The restaurant offered to replace her drink with a corrected one. "Absolutely not. This is unacceptable," she responded.

The latte machine gets cleaned out each morning, unfortunately, the cleaning solution was never disconnected and replaced with the milk line. 

To make sure this doesn't happen again, the restaurant created a sign and hung it next to the machine as a reminder to the staff.