Things Couples Regret Doing at Their Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be the couple's "happiest day of their lives," but a lot of times can be really stressful. Sometimes we add details to our wedding that we end up regretting later. Here are things that some wedding couples have regretted doing on their wedding day.

Inviting people you didn't really want to invite

When throwing any event, the number of people that show up affect the bottom line and your budget. The worst are the guests who show up at your wedding and don't even bother to interact with the bride or groom. Cut them out. You probably won't even remember their names in 10 years. 

Letting your family make decisions about your wedding

When it comes to your big day, YOU have to stick up for what you want. After all, it's a day that you'll have to remember for the rest of your life. So wouldn't it make sense for YOU to have a say in it? Before you know it, you'll end up with your parents' co-workers at your wedding or that simple wedding you had planned in your head will become the next feature on E! Entertainment. The more people that are involved in the decision making of your wedding, the more ideas you'll get, and the higher your budget will have to get (only an issue if you're trying to stay under budget). 

Not spending enough time alone on your wedding day

Sure, it's challenging to make time for yourselves when you practically know everyone on both sides of the family and they all happen to be there on your BIG day. Make sure you have a moment to yourselves to get a bite in during the reception and reflect on your day.  Some couples don't even remember what was served at their wedding because they didn't get to eat.  

Letting your family or friends help to pay for the wedding

Initially, this is a great idea. You get a little help on the budget part. However, once you've got investors in your wedding, you'll realize that some of them might start to take over your wedding decisions. These sponsors may start to alter your guest list, cake choice, food choice, ANYTHING. Uncle Johnny wants to help you pay for and choose the caterer? He might end up getting one without proper references. Or worse yet, your 100 guest party might become 200. You may have to order some Costco pizzas to help feed the extra guests. 

Not delegating tasks to other members of your family or wedding party

There will be a million things going on during your wedding day. It is not always possible for the bride or groom to be on the phone making calls to caterers, florists, wedding planner, or reception venue to check on things. You only have 2 hands... and they should be for holding your spouse's hands.  Let your siblings or cousins handle the seating of guests, distribution of brochures, sign-ins, time management, you name it. 

Not letting your guests take pictures

Every now and then, you'll get a wedding photographer who insists on being the only person allowed to take wedding pictures. Example: when there's a group picture of the entire family and everyone is insisting that they use their phones to take that picture while getting in the way of the professional photographer. Because of this, guests are usually refrained from using their cameras at all because the flash on their iPhones could ruin that perfect shot. Whatever the reason is, have a few backup photographers just in case. Give your nephew your phone and have him take a few pics just in case your wedding photographer takes 6-12 months to give you your wedding photos. 

Spending too much on your wedding cake

The thoughts of having a Cake Boss style cake usually comes to mind when we think about shopping for a wedding cake. But the truth is, by the time your wedding guests get to the cake, they are usually too drunk or full from dinner to notice all the details of that said cake. Do yourself a favor, save your money and buy a smaller cake for you and your wedding party, and distribute a simple sheet cake (usually in the same flavor) to your guests. Your guests usually won't care that it's not the cake you and your spouse just cut into. 

Not paying for a cleaning company

Do you want your hall deposit back? Well, you'll have to return the hall back the way you got it after your wedding. The last thing you'll want to do is have to roll up your tuxedo sleeves to clean up after a long drunken night of partying. We're talking hundreds (or thousands) of dollars here. You know how many Mai Tais you can get with that on your honeymoon? 

Having a wedding at all

Some couples have mentioned that their wedding was simply nothing but unnecessary stress when all they really needed to do was sign a marriage certificate to get married (wedding or not, you still have to sign this document to make it official). Many couples simply skip the "show" and go straight to the courthouse wedding and meet their friends at a restaurant for dinner instead. Wedding planning can get stressful and is totally avoidable if you just go straight to the courthouse.

On the flipside, not taking your wedding day more seriously

We get it. Sometimes you just wanna keep things simple and not go overboard with unnecessary stuff. You wanna make it as stressfree as possible. Sometimes, having a $500 wedding in your mom's backyard in a summer dress that you got for $50 might accidentally give your guests the idea that weddings aren't to be taken seriously. What's wrong with this? Well, there's that slim chance that in 10 years, you'll look back and realize that having a more expensive wedding woulda helped to bind the contract between you and your spouse a little more. It might help you, as a couple, feel more accomplished knowing that you were able to put together a crazy event in the first place. After all, most people only get married once with their spouses, so do it how you actually intended for the first time. 

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