Thursday, October 11 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 21!

7:10 am – Talk about a nail biter! This one goes to the tie breaker! Kris and Eric are on the line to win Universal tickets! Kris helps Delana take it to the tie breaker, and stay in the game. In the end, Delana wins the tie breaker and send Jesse into a FIT. Women up 6-1!

8:10 am – Jesse’s revenge! To say it’s been a sad sad season with some bad bad beats would be putting it lightly. Amanda and Shawn join Jesse and Delana to help them get the glory (and also win some Matt Nathanson tickets). But in this round though the guys finally secure a win, closing the gap and taking it to 2-6! Not only did they get the win, but they shut the ladies out completely 2 points to zero!

National Coming Out Day

This morning we celebrate National Coming Out Day and Delana reads an email from listener Sabrina about how much it has inspired her and has given her & her family comfort in knowing that San Diego is such a progressive and accepting city. Jesse reads an email from 6 years ago that we got from a listener who didn’t support the topic of Delana’s sexuality to show just how far we’ve come.  Listen to the podcast below.

Good News!

Today we focused on our East County Girls Club (ECGC) and the work we are doing to support the Jonathan Sellers Charlie Keevers Foundation. Delana and Shelly were out at Wal-Mart to get bikes for the cause! 

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