Tuesday, October 23 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 21! 

7:10 –Sarah and Brian are on the line to offer their help. Brian leaves Jesse to his own devices on the first question but still nails it! FOMO Joe boofs it on the buzzer, giving Delana a step up and advantage on the first question. Eventually the ladies end up taking the win for the round, bringing the score to 13-6 ladies!

8:10 – Kevin and Holly come to offer their assistance, but it ends up being called a wash! There was some point discrepancy that made us call the round and ask for a repeat round to be played tomorrow!

7:50 – When did you get caught talking trash as an employee? 

Jesse overheard the girl at Taco Bell when she thought she had turned her mic off, turns out she didn’t and Jesse got to hear a lot of the juicy details! We get a call sharing a story, and one from FOMO Joe.

8:50 – The Exit Survey

We revisit Shelly’s Exit Survey with the last of the questions answered by her ex…… It get a LITTLE nasty, her face gets VERY red, and Jesse gets muey uncomfortable.

Good News 

6:50 Make-A-Wish foundation helped turn 5 year old London into a professional Ghostbuster in Sacramento! After vanquishing all of the ghosts in the museum he was awarded the keys to the city to celebrate his victory!

7:50 is about a bride to be calling off her engagement just a few weeks prior to her wedding. After finding out the venue and other services were non-refundable, she decided to donate them to another couple who could use them and essentially donated her wedding to them!

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