Wednesday, November 14 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 22!

Round 1: Hailee and Tommy duked it out! The guys squeak by with a win on this one, scoring 1 point to the ladies 0. Score is tied 2-2!

Round 2: Crystal and Michael competed and it was a landslide win for the fellas! Michael shouts out the 2 pointer with no multiple choice on the first question, sealing the victory early on. Crystal struggles to get a single answer right, but almost gets a 2 pointer on the final question. The guys wrap this round 2 points to none, making the score 3-2 guys in the lead.

Good News 

We talked about Alan Pierce who manages an ICU in Paradise, California. He was evacuated from his home but realized those in the ICU would have trouble doing the same. So he drove his truck back to the hospital to help evacuate those in need, risking his life and his truck. What’s more is he then went on to set up a triage station to treat those in need.

Miley Cyrus gets a shout out for donating half a million dollars to the Malibu Wildlife Relief Fund. What makes this story impressive is that she donated the money, despite having to be evacuated herself and losing her home.

Lonely Parents Club 

  • James apparently ruined his face, according to his daughter.
  • Vanessa's grand daughter wonders if its her Bat Wings she saw flapping out of her car. 
  • Cori's daughter mentions how her brother has a mustache just like mommy!
  • Albert gets called out for his Dragon Breath at Costco, not subtly at all.
  • June misread her son's Valentine's day card as "U ROK" (You Rock) but instead the meaning was, "U R OK" (You are OK). 
  • Michelle's son lets her know she shouldn't wear earrings because it makes her ears sag. Her daughter is concerned with eyelashes when you age.
  • Danielle's 8 year old can't understand why she can't respect her, and just wants to be dropped off and left alone. More shirt winners this hour!
  • Her boyfriend's daughter thought her strapless bra was an eye mask because it was so small. 
  • Andrea's son hopes that he finds a wife like mom, but skinnier. 
  • Lorie was shopping with her 3 year old twins and they shouted out in unison, "NICE DAY FOR ALCOHOL!" 
  • Kelsey's daughter suggests she takes a nap because she looks too tired. Or at least put some makeup on!

What the Florida (WTF)

Sheriffs in Orlando stopped Fred Flintstone from speeding. Don Schwartz was wearing the signature outfit while he was stopped for speeding. His smart car was customized to look exactly like the Flintstones car. After the ticket was issued he became unruly and was detained and sent off to jail. Just another day in the life of Floridians. 

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