Wednesday, November 7 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 21!

7:10 – Matt and Stephanie jump on the lines to assist. Jesse having watched Dancing with the Stars last night really paid off when he nailed the first question. Delana gets her question right too, which means it all hangs on the musical and sitcom questions. Matt jumps in to help Jesse get another point on the board with his knowledge of “The Greatest Showman”. Stephanie tries to blurt the answer for a 2 pointer but gets it wrong, meaning the men win the season 20-18! 

Good News 

We congratulated new mom Kathy (a 29-year-old mother bottle nose dolphin) on the birth of her healthy 40 pound baby calf here in San Diego at SeaWorld!    

We gave a shout out to Oceanside Fire Department for saving a family’s dog. There was a house fire on Alvarado St and after having evacuated the family they found out that the family pet was still inside. They rushed back into the building to save the pup and give the family made something good come from this terrible situation. 

Lonely Parents Club (Hear the hysterical podcasts below) 

  • Jesse gets dissed by his daughter Savannah, who says "no chore money, no hangs!" 
  • Listener Katherine's students think her new hair is terrible, def go back to the brown again. 
  • Listener Norma's little brother thinks she has "a cold heart."
  • Nicole and Sheila (Jesse's Mom) share their stories. Nicole hops on to shame Jesse for her son's newfound pastime, blowing on her arm fat. This prompts Producer Shelly to get Sheila on the phone to share her similar stories.
  • Listener Vanessa's granddaughter asked if it was her "bat wings" she saw flying by the Denny's on Mission Valley. Her grandson shouts out that she's got the real granny panties on. 
  • Listener Theresa's son recommends a moisturizer bath. Teenagers bring an extra level of savageness to the table.... but at least she got a free shirt out of it!

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