What the Florida: I recently saved my brothers life.

This is gonna sound a little dramatic but I think I just saved my brothers life.

He wanted to go on a late night ride on his four wheeler when I was visiting him in Florida, so I agreed. I don't get to see him that often and that's what he loves the most, so against my better judgement I indulged him. The problem with this is that it’s really dark and there’s a lot of swampy places. There's also the other problem it was midnight and most of the neighbors were asleep. So we tear off into the woods anyway, around the swampy areas.

Then, he sees it, so do I.

My brother wanted to go in this deep drainage ditch area. I did not. For all I know, gators, snakes, and other critters... yikes could live down in there. And it's dark. And it's midnight. and .....

I’m a little too old for that crap.

So I, because I know that these things never turn out well, jump off the vehicle.

He goes in, with weeds as tall as me, with water at the bottom of the ditch. In the dark he didn't the drainage pipe and went right over it and turned over the 4 wheeler. There he is, stuck, his arm under the 4 wheeler, in the mud.

I spring into action. I have to get that thing off of him! I had to run back to the house probably a mile, get keys, a rope and anything else I can grab, and head back to the scene of the accident. With a little coaching from him..... he was wet and muddy down there, but not hurt, except from his hand, I hooked up a rope to the 4 wheeler, another end to the Silverado, got in, back up and miraculously turn it over so it's off of him. He lived. And I'm gonna claim I saved his life.

I’m not sure how he gets me to do crazy things but he's my brother and I would do pretty much anything for him. And, WHAT THE FLORIDA.

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