Two Women Argue Over Parking Spot at Grossmont Center

2 women argue over parking spot at Grossmont Center

A woman followed a car into a parking spot, blocked that car, and called the police for "stealing her parking spot" at Grossmont Center in La Mesa, San Diego

A woman pulled into a public parking spot at around 10:58 AM when another woman drove up behind her, blocks her and claims that the parking spot belonged to her. 

'She gets out and taps on my back door of my vehicle and began to tell me that it was her parking space and that she was waiting on it,' she said.

According to the woman filming, the woman wearing jeans, flip-flops and a plaid shirt, in the burgundy sedan drove a few lanes over to block her. The unknown woman goes on to claim that her mother was handicapped and that she had the right to park in that spot. The woman filming the video goes on to say that there were other designated handicap parking spaces available if she was looking for one. 

Officers arrived on the scene, broke up the situation, and each driver went about their business. 

Facebook: Gabriela Marie