A Flu Shot Is Your Best Defense Against Illness This Fall.

Centers For Disease Control Says Flu Epidemic Worsening Across Country

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Dr. Michael Lalich, medical director and chief of staff for Kaiser Permanente San Diego, has an important message about protecting yourself from the flu. There are many things in life worth sharing. The flu is NOT one of them.

Having the flu with the chills, aches and the fever that come with it, can put a damper on your daily life and can also lead to serious illness. The flu is more severe than the common cold so do everything you can to prevent it.

A flu shot is your best defense. The vaccine is safe won’t make you sick and has few side effects. The flu virus changes often and the protection from the vaccine only lasts for about a year. That’s why you should get a flu shot every year in the Fall. The flu shot helps protect you from getting the flu and from spreading it to others. So protect yourself and your loved ones by getting vaccinated today.

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