Why Zedd Thinks Being a Couch Potato Can Be a Good Thing

Nickelodeon SlimeFest

Nickelodeon SlimeFest

May is Mental Health Awareness Month which is particularly meaningful this year as so many people are stuck at home and struggling more than usual. And one of the issues impacting a lot of people is guilt over feeling unproductive while they might, in theory, have more free time than usual. It doesn't help that others on social media may be bragging about what they’ve accomplished.

Billboard recruited several artists to remind people that it’s absolutely fine to just get through the day. In fact, that’s what many of them are doing.

Even Zedd, who’s famous for his incredible work ethic, admits he hasn’t always been productive during quarantine.

“I’ve actually had like 4 or 5 days in a row where I virtually did nothing but play video games all day," he admitted to Billboard. "Sometimes it’s alright just to take some time off until you feel refreshed so you can come back strong and be creative then.”

Zedd is finding some time to work on his second album but says he won’t release it until he thinks it’s ready and he has no interest in rushing it.