Woman Drops Friends After TikTok Stranger Overhears Them Bashing Her

OK, this is wild. A New York woman named Marissa Meizz has found an entirely new community and career after a TikToker (whom she'd never met!) overheard her old friends talking behind her back.

ICYMI, a stranger named Drew who goes by @drewbdoobdoo on TikTok overheard some people talking about ditching their friend Marissa and making plans without her. Drew decided to post a TikTok trying to find the Marissa they were talking about and he did!

Marissa shared with Ryan Seacrest she was obviously devastated, but she decided to take the opportunity and turn it into something positive.

Not only did she meet up with hero Drew, she started a movement called “No More Lonely Friends” and organized a picnic for her new online friends and has since begun scheduling picnics all across the country.

Listen back to the full story and check out the original Tiktoks:

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