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Study Finds Average Couch Sees 311 Fights, 401 Naps & More LOL Stats

How long have you had your couch? A British furniture company did a study and has come up with some entertaining numbers. Considering your couch, or as some call it sofa, is the heart of the home, it's seen a lot.

The average couch lasts 8 years and in that time, it will be home to:

· 8,508 hours of TV time.

· 537 movies

· 401 naps

· 311 arguments, followed by 286 “make-up sessions”!

· You will lose your remote in the couch 346 times.

· You will spill something on your couch 316 times.

· Someone will sleep on the couch after an argument 269 times.

· And your kid will scribble on the couch 65 times.

And that's not all. After an average 8 years, 38% couches go to the dump, 47% get handed down to a friend or relative and the rest get sold online.

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