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Ryan Seacrest

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Your Weekly Horoscopes - January 23, 2022

Check out your weekly horoscpes below and see how your week is rating:

Aries – Is there something missing that you long for? Focus on that this week. Your week is a 9.0

Taurus – You are dealing with someone that you just cannot win, don’t exhaust yourself. Your week is a 6.7

Gemini- This week accept the good with the bad, and the bad might just become good. Your week is a 7.2

Cancer – Accept that you always intend the best, it will make it easier to trust yourself. Your week is a 7.5

Leo – Don’t give in. There is a much better way! Your week is a 7.9

Virgo – You are almost there, and recognizing this will help you keep going. Your week is a 8.7

Libra – Going in prepared could mean the difference between success and failure. Your week is a 7.8

Scorpio – Speaking up could improve the dynamic drastically. Your week is a 8.0

Sagittarius – If you see someone coming to steal your joy this week, refuse to engage! Your week is a 9.0

Capricorn – Have you gotten used to something in your life that is problematic? Change is coming soon. Your week is a 8.8

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