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VIDEO: Thief Steals From California Walgreens Right In Front Of Security

Photo: Getty Images

On Monday, June 14, shoppers in a San Francisco Walgreens were shocked by a man stealing a trash bag full of items right in front of security.

In the now-viral footage, the man is being filmed by three different people including a store security guard.

After the man had filled his bag, he hopped on a Lyft bike and rode down the aisle. The security guard attempted to grab the bag from the man but he was able to continue to ride through the aisle and get through the front door.

"That's when he sort of ran into me with his bicycle," said KGO-TV reporter Lyanne Melendez.

Melendez was in the store on Fell and Gough streets in Hayes Valley when the incident occurred.

"It's hard for me as a journalist to say 'I won't be involved, I can't get involved,' I have to be sort of neutral, but this is also my city. I live in this city and I see this constantly. Not only Walgreens, but cars, and my garage door has been broken into twice," she said.

According to ABC7, these types of brazen crimes are driving big retailers out of the city.

"Seventeen Walgreens over the last five years, almost every Gap retail outlet is gone, CVS is under assault," said San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safai.

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