Meteors and Movies...A Bust!

I would be a horrible event planner. Both plans I had cooked up for the weekend were a bust. The kids and I were going to meet Erik and Adrian at the movies after work on Friday to see Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark. We are all members of the Scary Movie Club...Evan is the newest member. After a series of unfortunate events, we ended up 30 minutes late. Then the girl at the box office said there were only two seats left to sell. Dangit.

We had fun on the way there, tho. We all love this weird song called "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. It's actually really cool.

Hide and Seek

The kids and I ended up watching a creepy movie called Creep on Netflix.

The bigger bust of the weekend was the spectacular meteor shower that was supposed to take place late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. The Perseid Meteor Shower. The 43-year-old loves space and such, so I surprised him with a nighttime journey up Sunrise Highway. I even set up a star gazing area in the back of my Jeep complete with pillows and blankets. The top of my Jeep comes off so I thought it was just going to be the most magical of nights...NOT!

First of all, it was super windy up on top of wherever we were, so it was freezing (well, nippy.) Second, I miscalculated the view we'd get from the back of the car. We were basically staring at the roof of the car. Third, the moon was so bright, we could barely see any stars at all! So my glorious plan failed. We moved locations after an hour or so and he saw two meteors. That's it. I didn't see a dang thing! I'm pretty sure he appreciated the gesture, tho. What's the line from the movie "Brokeback Mountain?" Was it "I can't quit you?" Well, I can't seem to quit him. One day at a time, right?

On Sunday, I had my first Star 94.1 appearance at the Sprint Store in Otay Lakes. That was so fun. Then, at 3pm I was on the radio with Charlie Cain hanging with me until midnight. I'm so thrilled that he thinks what I do is cool. Both of my kids do. That makes me so happy. I let him "take the mic" a few times. Here are some pics.

Radio Charlie
Happy Charlie
Star Studio with Charlie

Finally, I leave you with a picture of what Evan is doing this week. She's on a mule headed down into the Grand Canyon! Lucky girl!

Evan on a Mule

See you later, Diary.

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