The Phone Contract For My Niece

My niece is asking for a cell phone for her 12th birthday - I'm gonna give her my old one, but I'm worried she won't be responsible so I wrote up a contract. I'll let you know if it helps at all. :). Feel free to steal it.


I, ________________ understand that owning a cell phone is a privilege and if I want to keep using it, there are rules I must follow. My parents have the right to take it away at any time for any reason.

Please initial each rule below and sign the document acknowledging that you understand and agree as a condition of using the cell phone.

_______ I agree and understand that the phone is a privilege and not a right. 

_______ Anything I do on the phone can be viewed and monitored by my parents.

_______ My parents have the right to ask to see my cell phone at any time.

_______ I will NEVER give out my cell phone number, call or text anyone I don’t know.

_______ I agree to let my parents know if there are any inappropriate messages or photos sent to me.

_______ I will NOT argue with my parents when they ask me to put the phone away for any reason.

_______I will NOT use my cell phone during family meal times or any time designated as “family time”.

_______ I agree to put away my phone by ( ) each night unless otherwise given permission for

extended use.

_______ I will NOT have access to phone once I’ve gone to bed. 

_______ I will NOT show off my cell phone or brag about it to kids at school or elsewhere.

_______ I will NOT download any apps unless approved by my parents.

_______ I will NOT download or use any social media apps unless approved by my parents.

_______ I am solely responsible for the care of my phone and keeping it away from siblings.

_______ I agree if the phone is taken near water, that it will be housed in a waterproof case, given to

parents to care for or left at home. I am solely responsible for damage.

_______ I agree to be responsible with my phone at all times, and do my best to protect it from theft,

vandalism, or any other damage.

_______ I agree and understand if my phone breaks or is damaged, replacement and timing of

replacement is solely up to my parents unless I’m able to pay for it using personal funds.

_______ I understand that people may not always be available to talk or text with me and be respectful of

other people’s time.

_______ I agree to sit down and watch the social dilemma on Netflix with my parents when we have time.

_______ If any of the conditions above are violated, I understand that I may face the following




By signing this, I understand and will obey the above rules. These rules are subject to change by my parents. If I do not follow the rules, I understand I will not be allowed to use my cell phone.

Child:______________________________ Date:_______________

Parent:_____________________________ Date:_______________

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