So What Happened This Weekend??

I know people (my mom especially) were worried about my Rent a Friend Date on Saturday Night. Well, you'll be happy (or not) to know that the guy never emailed me back. He chickened out...before I did! The more I thought about it, the more risky it sounded.

I know we were going to be in a populated place at a populated time but still, the weird cash exchange issue before the "friend date" was really freaking me out I got another friend date request but this one was from a girl and not from the website. She actually contacted me on Facebook to see it I would help her shop for some new clothes for her trip to Italy. She said she could afford two or maybe three hours.

Okay. I love that someone reached out to me. I love that it has to do with shopping. Can I actually accept money from her? I don't think I can. The girls here in the traffic center disagree with me. They say it is a business transaction and that she is helping me and I am helping her. Well, when they say it like that it makes sense. But, still...

Help. Here's my dilemma face.

What Should I Do?

Oh hello cleavage. Sorry about that. (Or should I say "Sorry, not sorry about that" haha.

So what did I do instead of karaoke with a stranger? I sat in my bed, ate a burrito and watched a succession of the show Succession on HBO. First season. It was really good. You know what I love to see before watching a TV show? THIS!!!!

Nudity and Sexual Content

Oh yeah baby!!! Bring it on! This is my new fav show.

Euphoria HBO

Now, it's not safe for kids BUT it is very good and Zendaya is going to get an Emmy nomination...I just feel it. She is THAT good. You can catch the whole first season now because the finale was on last night. Yes, I watch a lot of TV. No, I am not ashamed. My name is Laura and I am a TV-aholic,

See you later, Diary. Oh, I have to tell you about my Bumble time.

OMG Someone Rented Me!!!! - Thumbnail Image

OMG Someone Rented Me!!!!

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