Enrique from Palomar College Comes to Interview Jesse & Tati for the T.O.S.

Aspiring journalist and radio DJ, Enrique, from Palomar College came by to interview Jesse & Tati for one of his journalism classes as well as gain some insights from the masters. Over the course of the interview, they share their experience gained over the years, their start in radio and origin stories, ratings along with some of the more intimate details of working in broadcast radio, the dance of getting to know each other while getting to know each other a little more in the process, and their opinions on the future of radio.

Jesse and Tati in the Morning

Jesse and Tati in the Morning

The show brings popular San Diego on-air personalities Jesse Lozano and Tati Santiago together as co-hosts. They bring a fresh new perspective and energy to listeners every morning by sharing real-life situations, and the latest celebrity news... Read more


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