Jesse and Tati in the Morning

Jesse and Tati in the Morning

The show brings popular San Diego on-air personalities Jesse Lozano and Tati Santiago together as co-hosts. They bring a fresh new perspective and...Full Bio


Spring Cleaning

The ladies hold it down today with Bruce Springsteen tickets, Sports talk: World Baseball and College Basketball, plus Tati never did her brackets but continues to talk smack. Tune in for Top Stories, The Trivia Battle, and MORE!

100 percent success rate!

Congratulations to Citlalli H. and Nura Khalighi...both will be at our Star Pick A Purse Party this weekend. Jesse asked Tati to give her Two Cents on what he is feeling about his Grandpa Glenn. Plus, every Tuesday Jesse is on Fox 5 San Diego at about 8:10 am sharing what is NEW & NOW in movies, TV, streaming, and music!

"...will it shave 4 years off..."

Shelly Brown give Jesse and Tati a gift they use immediately on air. Jesse asked Tati to do a specific Two Cents for a very personal family event he is going through and also tells Shelly to do this one thing before her next date.

"I don't want wooden balls in my avocado"

Jesse doesn't wear hats and he isn't on the keto diet but wow when he tells a story with his hands! The show has all these Taylor Swift assumptions they make and some are believable. Plus, Carrie chimes in on Jesse's disdain for "bad voice over" social posts.

"Speak for yourself"

Veins Rizz! Renee calls in to add to our chat about Jesse's veins and how its "a thing" among the cool kids. Jesse tells us how he got his college radio name, "Big Smooth", and activates Tati and Shelly Brown to a sing a long! Congratulations Raymond G., see you at the Star Pick A Purse Party!

Game Changer has a hot mic, PARENTS!

Who was spotted at Seaworld San Diego? Space isn't for Shelly Brown but spray tans are! Congrats to Linda of San Marcos who went to her old house to WIN her Pick A Purse invite! Jesse cautions parents, friends and family about Game Changer app.

"Roll your tacos not your eyes!"

It's SPRING! Shelly HANDEKS it all, yes, ice scream too. Super Star Mai added to Jesse's Target Hack and Tati already does it.

Jesse O' Tati O' Shelly Brown

Tati means well with informational questions but Ben didn't do well against Shelly Brown for The Battle! Need to know where to go for Irish goodness? We have a list of pubs. Congratulations to Beth of Lemon Grove and Jamie of Santee who will be at our Star Pick A Purse Party!

Tati found her match!

Congratulations to Kevin who won The Fleet Science Center tickets! Jesse provides us with a smash cake hack and Tati has finally met her match! She met someone who gave her nice gesture BACK!