Jesse and Tati in the Morning

Jesse and Tati in the Morning

The show brings popular San Diego on-air personalities Jesse Lozano and Tati Santiago together as co-hosts. They bring a fresh new perspective and...Full Bio

Destination Weddings... A Cautionary Tale.

With A Bear Or A Man?

Want to have a Surprise Family reunion for your parents and all your siblings? Jesse has a HACK for it AND Jesse asks a viral question: Would you rather spend a night in the woods with a bear or a man? Tati eats a Turkey leg in Disneyland like its a carb, and she delivers her Two Cents on why you should give yourself grace. Tune in for Top Stories, The Trivia Battle: Spring Valley VS Escondido, and the 90's at 9: The Brave Little Toaster Plot.

What Is Going On With Tati's Cat?!?

Do you find yourself in conversations where people are always one upping each other, Jesse has a household hack to keep you from being one of those people. People on Tinder need to do a better job explaining what they want. Tati and Shelly had some observations when it comes to Jesse's football coaching style. Jesse came out with the victory over Listener Ashley during the Trivia battle. How did Tati's cat get fleas?!? Shelly has a theory. A 90s actress is taking responsibility for Britney Spears and how she is these days.

Fashion Pee Pashion

Serving up another delicious Friday Food Hack: Churro pancakes, Jesse is giving Fashion Passion today too. Tati checked out the Bryson Tiller show last night and says the venue is TOP 3 in San Diego. Tune in for Top Stories, The Trivia Battle, WINNERS, The 90's at 9 and MORE

3 Ways To Get Any Man To Listen Better

You had a bad day, you need to vent, but is he listening? Here are 3 tiny ways to get any man to listen better: press play NOW

They Ruined Finding Nemo!

Jesse gives you the "4 F's of emailing" as today's HACK. Are you watching the Netflix, Ashley Madison, story? We want to give love to the Step Moms of San Diego. Did Jesse have the cringiest moment or? Someone ruined Finding Nemo with a DM to Jesse. Tune in for Top Stories, The Trivia Battle, The 90's at 9,...

Shelly Does What When Entering A Unisex Bathroom?

Jesse left his ID at the bank but appearantley he didn't need it. Jesse's hack is perfect when walking with a toddle who collects flowers. Shelly does an odd check when she enters a unisex bathroom after a guy has been in there. Tati is curious how you handle friendships with other parents when the kids have moved on from each other. Listener Steve took out Tati in the Trivia Battle! This Sunday is Stepmom's day and we want to celebrate those in the role that may not get their due!

"I booked a Magician"

Jesse delivers a rug hack you didn't know you needed. He also admits that he has hired a Magician and you should come to the event where Shelly Brown will be terrified by magic. Are we ready for AI commencement speeches? Want to show Step Mom some love? Tune in for Top Stories, The Trivia Battle, Tati's Two Cents: Only 2 types of girls, The 90's at 9, and New & NOW!

LIVE Comments Section

Jesse is giving a Food Hack on a Thursday, and we are here for it. Big weekend in San Diego, Mother's Day and Graduations. What celebrity chimed in on a tattoo gone all bad? Tune in for Top Stories, The Trivia Battle, The 90's at 9

Growing Pains

Tati says she is going through the "growing pains" in her home and it isn't talked about enough when people say, "I am on my healing journey".