Jesse and Tati in the Morning

Jesse and Tati in the Morning

The show brings popular San Diego on-air personalities Jesse Lozano and Tati Santiago together as co-hosts. They bring a fresh new perspective and...Full Bio

It's bigger than Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim K, Beyonce!

"Let's show love to that 'other dude'"

Top Stories: Jack In The Box has "Free Food"? Day to Donate is a day we give blessings to others. Tati drove using her TEEN Google Maps and Jesse reveals who baked a homemade pumpkin loaf for her interviewer.

Jesse IS Olivia Rodrigo!

Jesse likes to give people nicknames and questions himself about it. He also admits that he IS Olivia Rodrigo! There is a new Sheriff in town, Miss Shelly Brown! Jesse's Life Hack is to CRUISE for life!

"So I lifted up my gown and..."

Top Stories: Person Of The Year! The Battle: San Diego VS Tati! Jesse cannot let go of what happened once he woke up from surgery.

"I am THE Batman!"

Top Stories: Twin Earthquakes and Brenda Lee has the #1 song on the charts! Tati loves watching the sunrise and so does Jesse but he is more obsessed with the Sphere in Vegas! Tati has hot tips for thrifting and Jesse says he is "The Batman" of Fortnite and Call of Duty!

Did you hear who's coming to San Diego?!?

Lorena took on returning trivia contestant Barbie, and won with a two point answer! Tati lost some instgram followers and is curious at to why in her Two Cents. P!nk is returning to San Diego, we'll have tickets all week and Jesse shares what's new and now on all your streaming services.

"I want 'Broken Sled'!"

Top Stories: A new location for Raising Cane's, the fate of a Youtuber who crashed his plane purposefully, and MORE. Jesse is buying this actor's coffee brand to gift the girls for Christmas. Day of giving, lets help the Food Bank. Shelly Brown's former side hustle gets the spotlight!

"Nasty City" Came To Play!

The Battle: Escondido VS Valley Center! Do women have a "back up plan" in case thweir relationship ends? Jesse found a survey and he is shook! Plus, is Christmas decorating a daunting activity? Jesse's Hack is to help ease the hanging of decorations.

Build an ADU, whatever that is.

Jesse finds comfort in knowing Andre 3000 isn't about that life anymore and shares an interview clip that got us all laughing and relating. Tati gives us an update on her living arrangement with her MIL and someone explains his ADU.

Happy Birthday Bill!

Top Stories: Holiday Bowl Teams announced! "Dead ass!...", Tati doesn't hang with LAMES! Jesse didn't make his way to LA for Jingle Ball, this is how he feels about it! STAR Bestie says he will be at the strip club on a Monday!