Jesse Finds More Than His “Y”

Today I met Anna! She runs the Jackie Robinson YMCA which is one of the most amazing facilities. They have a really good basketball program and a baseball field my son would kill to play on... I got the full tour and am excited to get on the air and share with our listeners. 

When I was growing up, the YMCA in Escondido was a place my mom would drop me off at in the morning and pick me back up when she was off work... I learned tennis and basketball and made a ton of friends there. I even learned how to get red vines out of the lobby vending machine without having to pay the 75 cents to buy them . LOL. One of my most vivid memories was signing up for a season of water aerobics with 20 other females 65+... I wasn't even supposed to be in that class but the instructor thought it was hilarious and let me do the six-week program. Anyways, lemme shout out Anna and the whole crew from the Jackie Robinson YMCA!


Jesse and Tati in the Morning

Jesse and Tati in the Morning

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