TBT Poo Pourri

It truly doesn't feel like 6 years ago when my kiddos and I enjoyed a hot Summer afternoon in North Springfield, Virginia talking about Poo Pourri and making silly videos on my Macbook. We had only been living in Virginia for a year and the pools were open for the season. Living in San Diego before this made us realize just how spoiled we were when it came to pools being open year round. In Virginia, there was a seasons and even if you luckily caught a sunshine filled day, if it wasn't in pool season, you were SOL. I do remember the kids itching to swim and if they were lucky, we would spend a night at a hotel with an indoor pool. It usually happened when snow storms came around and the radio station I worked at would put us up in a hotel near the radio station. The kids would pack their bags and it was an adventure. As you can see, I miss when my kids were little guys and we saw every thing as a new adventure to be had.

It is worth mentioning, we are life long poopourri customers.

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