Laura Cain has been on the radio in San Diego for over 25 years. She spent the majority of those years with The Jeff and Jer Showgram.  Laura’s radio career began when she got an intern position at KFMB during her senior year at San Diego State University.

Throughout her career, Laura has been open about sharing her life with her listeners...from death, birth, rehab, divorce, to name it, she’s talked about it. Along with being a mom and radio personality, Laura is proud of her sobriety. She’s a recovering alcoholic who has been sober since March 7, 2007.

Laura has two kids, Charlie, 19, who is at the University of Oregon and Evan Elisabeth who just turned 15.  Laura loves radio and all the bad TV shows you can name.  She is also a wanna-be, back-up dancer for JLo, Madonna, or preferably Justin Timberlake.