Hollywood Makeup Artist JOINS the Show!

Laura's Message of Experience, Strength and Hope.

During Thanksgiving time Laura shares her story of recovery because it's something she is so grateful for. A lot of people may be struggling during the holidays so the message of experience, strength, and hope is one she likes to convey to those who may need to hear it. This isn't her full-blown story, but it's enough to show you how meaningful and fulfilling it is to be sober.
Before she tells her story, we talk about the book "The 48 Laws of Power." Don't worry, we don't read anything close to 48 of them. We just touch on the subject of personal power and this super interesting book.
Erik warns potential renters of a scam that's happening these days and Producer Bryan talks about being away from his family during the Thanksgiving holiday. We all share what we are thankful for which includes YOU for listening to this podcast. YOU make it possible for us to do something we love to do, so thank you! Email us anytime at lauracainad@gmail.com. We can be found on IG and FB @lauracainafterdark. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're feeling down or distraught right now. We'd be honored to help you the best we can. Happy Thanksgiving and
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What's In the BOWL?

Erik thinks it's super fun to play the game "What's in The Bowl" where he blindfolds Laura and feeds her different things from different bowls. Laura's reaction to the different foods (or sometimes NOT foods) is so funny.
We are close to picking a catchphrase! Do you like "Unapologetically Unfiltered with Laura and Erik" or "Podcast and Chill with Laura and Erik?" We are so close. Email or comment if you have a suggestion at lauracainad@gmail.com. The winner gets dinner with us at a nice restaurant!
Laura needs a new roommate and Erik almost loses it in a parking lot at Ralphs. This is a fun and funny episode and we hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving week with us.
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You Know What I Mean?

Erik can't stop saying the phrase "you know what I mean?" That leads to a discussion on words and phrases that are WAY overused.
Laura tells us about her night at The Elton John Concert. The tickets were worth $200. How long did she stay? You've gotta hear this.
We throw around some Rando News, we play a short version of The Question Game and we round it out with celebrity parenting advice. We're on the verge of picking our new catchphrase. Do you like "Podcast and Chill with Laura and Erik" or "Keepin it real, keepin it fun" or "Real Talk, Real Fun?" If you have any ideas for us, please email us at lauracainad@gmail.com, or DM us on IG and Facebook @lauracainafterdark. If you give us the winning catchphrase, we are taking you out to a nice dinner! All of our links can be found at www.campsite.bio/lauracainafterdark.
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Spilling the Tea with Tati

The amazing Tati Pelegreen from the Jesse and Tati Show on Star 941 San Diego joins us this episode to talk radio, Hawaiian roots, homelessness, and her Two Cents with Tati segments, among other funny and interesting things.
Before we have her on, we mull over which catchphrase we like the most so far in our big catchphrase contest. Podcast and Chill With LCAD might be a front runner. The winner gets a dinner date with us! Reply, comment, or email us at lauracainad@gmail.com.
Erik off-loads a ton of Double D new including who Pete Davidson is hooking up with now.
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Ma'am Your Tag is Hanging Out.

Laura tells a story about her great morning at the Farmer's Market over the weekend with Elvis. She walked through every aisle, up and down for an hour and a half. Lots of people were there milling around, too. As she was leaving, a guy stops her to tell her a giant price tag was hanging down her back. Embarrassing!
Laura also tells us about a great dupe for the very price LuLuLemon leggings!
Madonna and Cher talk, Snappy Facts and The Question Game round out this episode. Oh, one last thing, we are looking for a fun, new catchphrase for our podcast. What do you think it should be? Email us at lauracainad@gmail.com, comment, DM on IG and Facebook @lauracainafterdark, or simply reply here. Lots of good ones so far! We pick a winner next week and that winner gets a nice dinner with us as dates! Thank you for watching!
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Want To Go To Dinner With Us?

We are looking for a great catchphrase for our show, something that tells people what it's about and who we are. No easy task for us so we've asked you guys to help us out. Please reply, DM, comment on @lauracainafterdark on YouTube and Instagram, or email us at www.lauracainad@gmail.com. The winner gets dinner with Erik, Laura, and Producer Bryan at a nice restaurant. We pick the winner next week.
Speaking of dinner, Laura and Erik have a fancy dinner with a friend this weekend. About 20 minutes into the dinner and right in front of the server, Laura says something crazy!
Erik encounters a Karen, which makes him mad.
Daily Dirt is filled with juicy celebrity gossip.
We dive into 90-Day Fiance talk including who Laura bumped into at the UPS Store and who did Laura ask to a Christmas Party. That leads to Love is Blind 2 talk. Whoa, that show is junk food for the mind and it's great! Please follow us on all socials, email, or soon visit our website. For now, it's campsite.bio/lauracainafterdark.
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Would You Rather Make Laura Laugh?

Welcome to this episode of Laura Cain After Dark on YouTube. We play a couple rounds of Would You Rather and guess who said they'd rather drink from a toilet than sing everything they say? Gross! We also play a game called What's Your Price. For Example, "Tell a new mother in the maternity ward that her baby is ugly" Who said they'd do it for $200?? Shocking.
We also bring back Make Laura Laugh. Laura hates jokes so it's Erik's mission to try to make her laugh at one of his. Is he successful? You'll have to watch! We discuss our recent photo shoot at the zoo and who had a temper tantrum. Lots of laughs this podcast episode. Follow us at @lauracainaftedark on IG and FB. Email us anytime at lauracainad@gmail.com. Shop our Amazon Influencer Store at www.amazon.com/lauracainafterdark. We love our sponsors! To become a sponsor of the Laura Cain After Dark Podcast simply email us for pricing.
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Halloweenie MADNESS!

We come to party this episode...all dressed up in costume because it's Halloween night.
We need a new catchphrase for our podcast so we are having a contest. What is a good, catchy phrase that describes our show? Winner gets dinner with the three of us at a fun restaurant. Just DM or reply or comment and we'll pick a winner in a week or two. Thank you.
We have a new toy that we play with, we tell our personal ghost stories and Erik makes an awkward comment to a salesperson. Erik dumps a full load of Double D including who is Gisele and Tom rumored to start dating now that they've filed for divorce.
We discuss a few movies you need to see on Netflix and HBO Max and we bring it home with the top slasher movies of all time. Hope you like our show tonight! We love you for watching. Thank you.
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The Butt Tattoo

One of our listeners, a nude model named Demitri, wants to get Laura Cain After Dark and Laura Cain and Erik Rimmer tattooed on his rear end. Do we encourage such behavior or do we tell him "thank you for the thought, but don't do it?"
Speaking of our listeners, we have a contest...help us come up with the perfect catchphrase for our podcast and you'll win dinner with us at a fun restaurant in town. Email us at lauracainad@gmail.com or simply comment or DM us on our IG @lauracainafterdark. Facebook, too. Something catchy and fun.
The Question Game makes a big comeback in this episode for example, "what is the worst thing anyone has ever said to you" and "what is something you just now realize that everyone else knows?" Laura has a major one. Funny podcast, with comedy all around, and intriguing answers!
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