The $150 Striptease!

We Are In Retrograde Baby

Lots of crazy things have been happening to Laura these last two weeks and she thinks it's all because of Mercury in Retrograde. So, she gives us a little lesson about the phenomenon, which Producer Bryan thinks is a bunch of crap.
On that note, we share our "best" and "worst" moments from the weekend. Let's just say one of us rode in a tow truck, and not for fun.

Erik serves up a giant dose of Double D/Celebrity Gossip/Showbiz News including:
-Which 90's TV show is making a comeback?
-What is Eminem asking fans to do? 
-Is Britney Spears going to join Only Fans?
And, because OJ Simpson died recently, we talk about where we were when the white Bronco chase happened. That was 30 years ago!!!

We love you for watching and listening.
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The MAGIC Blue Dot

Does this literal blue dot thing from the National Enquirer really work to bring you money?

What part of your body would you give up to win the lottery? And what’s the minimum amount?

What’s the most unbelievable thing you’ve ever witnessed? Man, does Erik have an insane story. All of this plus lots of laughs, teasing, and shocking admissions.

Let us be your “escape from reality” show. We are here to make you laugh and forget about the tough stuff.

We love you for watching and listening and


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Freaky Friday To The Max

Get ready because this one is insane. We change roles. It's either the most hysterical thing you'll see and hear or it's a complete train wreck. Either way, you won't want to miss it.
Erik plays Laura, Producer Bryan plays Erik, and Laura plays Producer Bryan.
What you are about to witness, you cannot unsee.
Just a forewarning...haha.
Erik (Producer Bryan) gives us the Double D news,
 Laura (Erik) is the airheaded host of the show and Producer Bryan (Laura) runs the whole thing, or attempts to anyway.

The part where Erik (Laura) stands up in the dress is a moment you won't want to miss. It's shocking and you might just spit out your coffee or whatever you're drinking or eating!

We are most definitely unapologetically unfiltered, always unedited, and crazy fun. Thanks for partaking in this nuttiness. Love you guys and.

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Best Personality Quiz Ever!

Laura has a personality quiz she learned a long time ago. She busts it out on Erik and Producer Bryan. What's cool is YOU can play along with them. It's pretty spot on if you put some thought into it. Truly.

According to Laura, Erik's Best Friend List has hit an all-time annoying low.

And, a healthy dose of Rando News... interesting, thought-provoking, funny, controversial stories like a new ranking of The Funniest Movies of All Time. We are all over the place about this list.

Thank you for tuning in every week and checking us out, if this is your first time. We aim to make you laugh, forget about the BS, and escape for a little bit. and smile—unapologetically unfiltered fun.

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I'll NEVER be Cool!!

Laura recounts an embarrassing story which teaches her a lesson...once again. Let's just say the experience slammed her back down to reality.

We hit the Diddy dirt pretty hard. The latest on all that chaos. Erik doesn't stop with the Diddy stuff, he gives his opinion on Beyonce, JLo  AND Taylor. Oh, there were some words exchanged. 

Next episode, which drops on Thursday, April 4th, Laura gives the boys a deep personality quiz that you can play along with. It's a good one!!!

Love you for listening. 


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Quiet on the Set...Whoa!

Have you watched the show "Quiet on the Set-The Dark Side of Kids TV" yet? It's alarming and it's what we discuss and dissect this episode.

And, if you are a guy, Erik wants to know if this embarrassing thing that happened to him the other day, has ever happened to you.

We are unapologetically unfiltered and crazy and fun and we hope you enjoy this episode.
We want to be your mini funny thought-provoking escape from the daily grind of life.

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Things get awkward and hysterical when Erik brings in his bestie #1, Marla, to go up against his bestie #2, Laura. Marla and Erik have been friends since grade school. Laura and Erik have been friends for the last 17 years. Laura has been vying for that #1 spot for years, so we have a SHOWDOWN.
Erik reads questions about himself and the first one of his besties who answers it gets a point. There is a clear winner. In fact, it's a landslide.
Who emerges victorious!?  You gotta catch this episode!
Let's just say Erik was sweating bullets the whole time, His t-shirt was wet.  You'll come away laughing and loving Marla, though.
We call ourselves unapologetically unfiltered for a reason and this proves it.
Thanks for watching, listening, subscribing, following, commenting, and liking our podcast.
Love you guys and Love your podcast!!

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This Always Pays Off!

We play "What's Your Price?" where Laura reads a scenario and everyone has to write down much would take to do it We learn a lot about each other when we play this game...A LOT! It always leads to laughter and lots of teasing.

Laura has a brilliant idea after Erik tells the story about his NAKED freak-out.

And, how did one bad comment lead to an uplifting outcome? Thank you for taking the time to watch and listen. And we love your feedback...truly. Comments are always welcome.

Have an awesome day and night. We are a genuinely, unapologetically, unfiltered good time so grab a snack and get on board the fun train.

Love your podcast.

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DONT' Eat That, or This!!!

We bring back the super fun game...NOT....called "Eat This, Not That" where Erik blindfolds Laura and then makes her eat various things. Let's just say dog food and body hair have been in the mix before, so who knows what's in store this time? YIKES.

The show starts off with BREAKING NEWS...A surprise, very quick, but important visit from Pickle Dude. He has a presentation for Erik.

And, seriously, what's going on with The Royals? Where and what is going on with Kate Middleton? We discuss this and more during Erik's Double D news.

Find us online at or email us anytime at Subscribe, comment, like, share, tell all your friends and family, and scream our name from mountain tops....haha. Thank you.
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