Say Hello To Gary, The Nudist!

Laura Denied AGAIN

This is a crazy episode. It starts with Laura telling us that she has filled out an application for a very fancy company and that company has come back with a decision..and it's not good for Laura's ego. You won't ever guess what kind of job and what company!
Erik says he's been having some whacko dreams lately and one of us reveals that we sleep totally naked and love to do all things naked. Guess who?
Things get out of control when the boys feed on Laura's fear of throw-up! Videos and scenarios go flying, much to Laura's horror.
Erik offloads a bunch of Double D (Daily Dirt/Celebrity Gossip) including the latest on the whole Vanderpump cheating drama and so much more.
We are unapologetically unfiltered, as always.
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The Smoothie That Caused a Sh#& Storm

You won't believe what Laura paid for the smoothie she drinks in the episode. That leads to a hot discussion about money and who's got a problem with it. Here's a hint...the name starts with an "L."

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We round out this episode with 12 things that are universally annoying...and we might add one or two. Thanks for following and subscribing.
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LCAD Oscar After Party

We are coming off the heels of the Oscars and boy do we have some opinions about just about everything. Erik presents his own best and worst-dressed celebs and we recap the good moments and the cringy ones. Leading up to the Academy Awards, Laura drove to Hollywood last week to meet with a German TV guy who wanted to interview her about being a seat-filler. What an exhausting but truly fun experience it turned out to be. Too bad the whole story is being dubbed into a German voice! You gotta hear this story. We are then joined by special guest Danielle Rapozo-Fahy, a mortgage specialist who found her true calling in helping women and men get into their dream homes when they were sure that wasn't possible. If this speaks to you, she's your new champion, plus, she's hot and funny and smart as heck. We loved meeting her and you will, too. Look for her info on Thank you for watching our show. It sure means a lot to us. Email anytime at Love your podcast

Checking in on Laura and The World's Most Interesting Chef!

We get an update on Laura's head injury, what happened, and why. No, she wasn't intoxicated, in fact, she celebrates 16 years of sobriety on March 7th. Tommy wrote something very touching and kind of funny on Facebook about it so Laura reads it on the show. Erik brags about a fancy dinner he cooked up for him and a friend and we have the coolest, most fascinating guest on the show. Her name is Tina Martini and she's a medicinal chef, a holistic healer and so much more. Literally, so so interesting and fresh. You'll love her. And, yes, that's her real name! Follow us on Insta @lauracainafterdark or go to our website Love your podcast!

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!_!_

Ok, this episode is pee-your-pants funny.
Actor Mitch Hara joins the show for a hilarious, kinda naughty interview about his new one-man play. He's most famous from the Amazon Prime show Smothered. You'll love him.
Erik gives us the juicy details about Scandoval...the Vanderpump cheating drama plus other Double D news.
Laura is shocked to know that a phone bit she wanted to do on the show was already done last week. She has no recollection and it makes for an embarrassing situation.
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Podcast Road Trip to the ER! Fun!

Well this is a first! We take the show on the road, literally, because Laura hit her head and it needed to be handled. On the way to the ER, we talk about Laura’s fidgety habit, we play a round of Snappy Facts and we create havoc at the local drug store. Do we make it to the ER? Keep watching and listening!!
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Laura's Very Obvious But Crazy Accident

Laura shows up to the set with a scarf wrapped around her head so the gaping wound on her forehead wouldn't show. What is the story behind that mess? Erik and Producer Bryan follow along as best they can considering that Laura makes no sense! It is clear that bump on the head did something to her. It's pretty funny what chaos follows the incident! The show takes many twists and turns. And, just in case you're curious, Laura is fine. Laura's dating app guy, the one who didn't call last week is on the show tonight. You've gotta hear what this guy is willing to do! OMG. Mark March 27th on your calendar because it's "Live from Laura's Livingroom" Space is limited so RSVP now at To get in you must subscribe to our Instagram. It's just 4.99 a month. And make sure you hit the subscribe button on YouTube. We'd love to meet you!! Love your podcast.

“Diarrhea of The Fingertips.”

This may be the most painfully awkward episode that Erik and Producer Bryan have ever had to endure! Laura tries to get one of her matches from a dating app to call into the podcast so she can hear his voice. Things go from bad to worse when she can’t stop messaging this poor guy. Does he agree to come on the show or does she get blocked? You’ll have to watch to find out! Laura also tells the boys about two lengthy applications she’s filled out. One is for a paid on-camera podcast gig. Sounds perfect, right? Except there’s one big catch.
And have you heard about The Bachelor spin-off about seniors looking for love? Guess who applied for that, too!!?
Erik feels like a hoarder in his new place because of his enormous collection of????? Two collections, actually.
While we wait for the dating app guy to call, Laura busts out The Question Game. Plus, we recap our haunted hotel episode. Yes, there were ghost sightings that night!!! Thank you for watching and thank you for your continued support! Follow us on IG and YouTube @lauracainafterdark
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LIVE From the Haunted Cosmopolitan!

This is the night we've been waiting for...our Live broadcast from the bar area of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which our resident Ghost Tour Guide says is the most haunted establishment he's ever encountered, The show starts as planned, but soon, Michael Brown from San Diego Ghost Tours sees a small child next to one of the people who came to watch us! Freaky. The bar area is so old, over 100 years, and it sure feels like it. Michael hops on to give us some of his ghost findings from over the years and one of our audience members shares her own experience at this very bar. We still do our Host Chats which included Laura's recent job applications and her latest Bumble weirdo. Erik is elated that his move is finally over and he even gets a free moving truck after complaining to the company. What a shocker! Then we launch into our celebrity gossip segment called the Double D's in which Erik gives us the latest poop on all the celebs in La La land. This was a fun and kind of spooky show. Oh, there were a few sightings amongst us. Please follow us on IG or FB @lauracainafterdark. The San Diego Ghost Tours can be found on IG, too, and at We continue to be Unapologetically Unfiltered and we always keep it real. Love your podcast! www.lauracainafterdark.