The Final Countdown!

The Wedding Toast

“It’s wedding week, it’s wedding week. The stress level is at its peak…” Laura's son, Charlie, is marrying his longtime love, Maia, in Portland on Sunday. Laura needs your input on various things: The dress, The shoes, And the big toast. She gives us a sneak peek at what she wants to say but it may be too over the top. Your input is crucial! After all the wedding talk, Erik launches into the Double D news including a movie review from both Erik and Producer Bryan. This is an important, monumental time for Laura so it would mean a lot if you’d take time to watch it or listen to it so you can weigh in before it’s too late! Haha. Love your podcast!

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An Epic Reunion Is Coming!

In this episode:
Find out what is happening in's gonna be huge, it's going to be emotional, it's going to make you happy.
Watch Laura's latest acting audition for a horror movie.  Surprising reactions from Erik and Producer Bryan.
Erik's lengthy car drama, which now has lawyers involved, has a big update.
Producer Bryan brings it home with a guessing game. What TV shows do think make the list of the top 50 of all time? This list might make you scream or cheer. Haha.
Next week, Laura needs your help picking her Mother of the Groom dress for her son's upcoming wedding!  Fashion show time. 
we appreciate you.
love your podcast! 

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4th of July Fiasco

Just wait til you hear the crazy, drama-filled Fourth of July fireworks fail Laura experienced this year. You can't make this stuff up!
Laura also spent a hot Saturday morning selling all the crap from her garage at the swap meet. What went wrong and what went so right?
Her son, Charlie, is getting married in less than two weeks. The wedding prep is in full force. Her ideas for the special toast and she shows the boys a few items she's thinking about wearing. Erik and Producer Bryan do not hold back their opinions, as usual!
Erik brings it home with a hearty dose of our showbiz news that we call The Double D News.

Coming up next episode, another bad acting audition to show you and there is a major reunion on the horizon. Just wait until you hear about it.
Thanks for watching and for listening. Means a lot to us.
We hope your Fourth of July weekend was better than Laura's, that's for sure.
Love your podcast!

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Laura feels guilty after receiving tons of compliments for a poem she performed in front of a crowd. That's because she didn't write it.
Laura also models her Cheapo Outfit of the Month (once called the 73 Dollar Outfit.) It's a complete head-to-toe look for less than a hundred bucks. Full details and links at
Regarding outfits, Laura struggles with what to wear as the Mother of the Groom to Charlie's wedding this month. Erik has a gross and annoying encounter with a little kid and some pudding.
A round of Rando News, gifts are exchanged, insults are hurled, laughter is plentiful and the Secret Sound is still unguessed. Listen now to see if you can figure out what it is. The winner gets $100 cash. Guess away in the comments below or on IG, TT, FB, or lauracainad@gmail.,com
Coming up soon...our Stand Up Comedy competition. Have a relaxing, happy Fourth of July weekend.
Love your podcast!

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Making The World A Better Place!

The Mystery Guest!

Trust us, you will love it when you find out who shows up as our mystery guest. We used to play this guessing game on the Jeff and Jer Show. Each of us asks yes or no questions to determine who the person is. The Mystery Guest always disguises their voice. You will be overjoyed, touched, inspired, and nostalgic when you discover who it is. Producer Bryan embarrasses Laura by outing her YouTube search history and recommendations. He has access to her account so this is especially sneaky of him....but funny. Thank you Besties Dog Grooming Salon for the new T-shirts we are wearing. And, thank YOU GUYS for watching and listening, as always. Next week, Erik and Laura lay out their plans for a new risky business venture and we have a very captivating in-studio guest. We are unapologetically unfiltered, real, raw, and kinda crazy. Love your podcast!

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Were BACK!

We're back from vacation and we hope you missed us as much as we missed you. Today we'll tell you what we've been up to and of course Erik has another crazy story from his vacation. Laura tells us what she did for her birthday (Producer Bryan has some thoughts on it) and of course there is always some new celebrity news for us to discuss. Also, we bring back the Mystery Sound game, be sure to let us know what you think it is. Keep an ear out for more details on our next event, a standup comedy routine from each of us! As always, Love Your Podcast!

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Laura rattles off topics like "TV Show" and we all pick which one we think is the Greatest of All Time. What about french fries? What's the GOAT in your opinion? We bust out our respective Nextdoor Apps for a round of HOOD WARS. Who's area has the craziest things going's Laura's hood. What are the 10 things we all PRETEND to enjoy but don't and Erik's neighbor complains....about ERIK! What did the neighbor call the management company about? Producer Bryan is on a fancy vacay with his family so we are slow to post this week. We appreciate your patience. And, thanks for watching. We love that you do. Love your podcast!

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Are You Ok Being Alone?

What kinds of things are you ok doing alone? We discuss what we are comfortable doing and won't do alone. Laura's brilliant idea of having a stand-up comedy contest among us goes over like a lead balloon with Erik. But, we think we have him convinced to do it so get ready for that contest soon.
Producer Bryan whips out a Wild Card Segment and we end by playing one of our favorite games called "What's Your Price?" Laura gives a scenario and everyone has to write down the lowest amount they'd do it for like, "What's your price to hot tub naked with your entire family?" The answers and the commentary are hilarious.
Hope you get a laugh or two from this one.
 Love your podcast!!!

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