Whoa, San Diego is HAUNTED!!!

We Are So Thankful!

You guys who watch our podcast and listen to our podcast mean the world to us. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do this twice a week for as long as we have doing it, which is over 4 years now.

YOU are the reason we do this, YOU are the ones we want to make laugh and smile, shock and touch with our words and our little games and stories and such. YOU are part of our little family.

To say we are thankful is not strong enough a word to describe how we feel. We are grateful for you, too, and we hope you enjoy the "Thankful Letters" we read during this episode...cue the cheesy music.

And, please excuse Producer Bryan for his alarming final message about turkey. Haha.
Love your podcast!

No Bad Days For Kate

Erik's dearest friend, Karen, lost her daughter to cancer so this 3-Day Walk is a big deal for her and for everyone who has lost someone to breast cancer or any other kind of cancer. It all sucks. We talk to her in this episode. Very touching and inspiring conversation. She invites you to walk with her, Erik, and the "No Bad Days" Team in honor of Kate.

Completely changing gears, we call a woman who is a sensitive, a ghost hunter, and a witch. She says we may have opened some sort of portal in Laura's house because of that dang Ouija Board! Listen to the crazy advice she gives Laura in case the ghost comes back.

This is an important show coupled with a paranormal one. Oh, and laughter is a part of it, too, we promise.
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Live With The PIANO MAN

You hear him tickle the ivories at Manhattan Restaurant in La Jolla on the weekends, but our guest, Tad Sisler, is so much more than a classic pianist and singer. He tells us stories from chit-chatting with Frank Sinatra to writing a book. His stories and his vibe will lift your spirits.

Laura has a big announcement that could change her life and Erik has an embarrassing moment at work.

Plus, his Double D report is loaded with lots of celebrity gossip.

We are unapologetically unfiltered and a whole lot of fun.

Love your podcast!

Why Are You So Tired?

That is just one of the questions we toss around this episode.
We also go around the room and humbly brag about our best traits. Of course, it ends with teasing and the cricket sound effect. haha.

Laura confirms the fact that Vegas is no longer a cheap get-away like it used to be.

And, we have a heated debate about a few things like:
What is the best Thanksgiving dish and
Who should be on the top 10 list of all-time best pop songs?

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Election Fraud At The Highest!

The Big Hideous Temu Contest results have come pouring in and it was a landslide. However, one of us thinks it's all kinds of wrong. This has to be a confusing mistake. Does the loser concede or fight the results?

Laura has a story that will send chills down your spine and it's all Producer Bryan's fault, she says. Erik is loaded up with tons of celebrity gossip we call the Daily Dirt or Double D News...including all the inside scoop about BravoCon and why are all the reality stars so friggin skinny? We call them Hollypops; big heads on skinny bodies.

On our website, www.lauracainafterdark.com we have a link where you can join Erik as he walks with one of his best friends in the breast cancer walk coming up soon. Join his team or donate by going to our site. His friend Karen lost her precious daughter to this disease. She is such a strong, wonderful person and you should meet her.

Oh, and excuse the minor interruption during this episode. Laura's dog, Elvis, ran right over all the cords and knocked down the camera equipment.

Since we are unedited, you get to watch us scramble to get back online, which is comical. Love you for watching and for listening.

Love your podcast!

Erik & Laura's Temu Throw Down!

Who wins the Big Hideous Temu Contest? Erik and Laura reveal their three picks from the website, the most horrible things they could find for each other. You guys get to decide who wins this contest. The loser will have to parade their awful items in public in the next week or so. It's going to be epic.
Just head to our website
www.lauracainafterdark.com to vote. We need your input.
Erik thinks he has this in the bag. Laura thinks he's delusional.

Also, Laura talks about her crazy tarot card reading and the things the woman told her to do to keep people from bothering her. It's insane mostly because Laura did all the things she told her to do. This is a can't-miss episode.

We sure appreciate your support. Thank you for watching and for listening to us all these years. If you are new to our show, thanks for stopping by and we hope you come back for more. New episodes drop every Tues and Thurs and we livestream every Monday night at 7pm.
We want to be your fun, funny, and unfiltered escape from the chaos of life.
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Summoning Spirits on Halloween (FOR REAL)

Holy crow, this is a crazy one. We pull out the Ouija Board and things get weird!

Before we summon the spirits, Laura reads a letter to Matthew Perry. We wanted to give him the dignity and the understanding he deserves.

And, we talk to Laura's mom about why she let her go out on Halloween dressed as a beer can when she was 8 years old! haha.

We are unapologetically unfiltered and lots of fun.
Unedited, real talk, real funny, and genuine.

Love your podcast!

Laura's Mini Melt-Down.

Not going to lie...the show starts off kind of tense because Erik and Laura are in a disagreement about something that we can't talk about yet. Does Laura shed tears? Does she make it through the show?

We toss around our opinions on bigfoot and aliens and whoa they are all over the place.

Laura's Rando News segment includes a story about things most people think smell disgusting but you secretly love. Laura's is particularly gross.

And, a question...What could you give a 40-minute speech about with absolutely no preparation? We each try it for 30 seconds.

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