Would You Rent Me As a Friend?

A friend told me of a way I could make some money online. I know, that sounds fishy and sketchy, but I was like "DO TELL!" He told me it's a website called www.rentafriend.com. It's like a dating sight except for the fact that you don't "date" anyone and there is no "naughty" stuff allowed.

So you go online to the site and make a profile, set a price and then wait for the flood of friend requests to come flowing in. So far, that hasn't happened. I set my price at 50 bucks an hour. I will do all the things on the list that includes bowling, concerts and hiking (even though I don't really dig hiking.) The only thing I won't do it meet at a bar or go to a wine tasting. I also checked the box that says I will be friends with anyone: gay men, gay women, bi men, bi women, straight men and straight woman and I have no age limit. I am open to be friends with anyone (for 50 bucks an hour!)

Here's what I'm afraid of: I will feel so bad accepting money from people. It'll make me feel so weird. If I can get over that, I'm good to go. I've had my profile up for a week now and no bites. So we will see. Here is the dorky paragraph I wrote about myself. OMG this is the weirdest thing ever.

Rent-A-Friend Profile

Rent-A-Friend Profile

I am so embarrassed right now. hahahaha. Hey, baby need new shoes. Baby need college money. Baby need school lunch money.

In my last Diary, I talked about the somewhat sad state of my dating life. I also listed the kind of pictures almost all men post. Well, there are a whole new set of pictures that women post, too. Here they are:

A. Jumping out of a plane

B. Holding an exotic animal

C. Hanging out on Potato Chip Rock

D. Filtered AF

E. Handstands!

What? Handstands?? I guess it's a thing. So I decided to recreate all these photos and send them to the guy I'm sorta/kinda seeing...the 43 year old. Here's my handstand recreation...(Thank you Erik for taking the picture!)

Fake Handstand

Fake Handstand

Finally, this happened to me in the parking lot of Walgreens the other day., I had gone in the store to buy some Red Bull, water, cereal, chips, etc. I get back to my car and I hear someone yelling "Ma'am, ma'am!!!! You forgot this! I died.

walgreens Incident

See you later, Diary. Oh, by the way, this is my fav video right now!

Why Am I Torturing Myself With Dating Apps? - Thumbnail Image

Why Am I Torturing Myself With Dating Apps?

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